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Recently saw a youtube commentary on the master of the Sith Jar Jar Binks

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Recently saw a youtube commentary on the master of the Sith Jar Jar Binks

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01.15.2016 , 04:43 AM | #1
I was browsing some videos and came across some silliness. Several you tube chaps had created a few videos on the idea that Darth Snoke is Jar Jar and that Jar Jar was a powerful Sith,

While I am not able to actually believe this idea I do see some compelling ideas that they present.

JarJar being a force master who used the drunken technique of martial arts
Jar Jar makes force leaps as seen in TPM
Jar Jar used force persuasion
They also do some guessing from behind the scenes as to why Lucas curtailed this idea but did not cover up his footseteps so well ......because of the backlash of Jar Jar haters he decided to go another direction.

I have to say that they did catch some intriguing ideas and present them well enough.........As early as TPM I had a Darth Binks drawing as my screen saver....if I only I had known then what they tell us now....

It might all be conjecture that is ultimately incorrect and untrue but man they sure do make it compelling.

Well at least for a nerd like me.

Vader = Father
Snoke= Pike (fish) Although I see it spelled as Snoek....but personally I prefer Snooki...they claimi Jar Jar is a fish like creature

If I had my way. because TPM was my 3rd most fav Star Wars episode I would make Darth Snoke a force twisted Darth Binks......just to peeve off all the fans......

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01.15.2016 , 08:18 AM | #2
Knowing Jar Jar, he would most likely (and hopefully) trip on his lightsaber.

Bombad Sith.. tss....
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