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DEVS direction of Swtor ?

Kumbel's Avatar

01.12.2016 , 10:23 AM | #1
I have been playing swtor since launch and I have to say I am rather confused as to the direction this game is going.
I have stuck with it since I there is a lot of things a really like about the game. However since 4.0 I have watching guildy after guildy leave the game. The decision to revamp old content mostly operations has had a dramatic effect for us long term players. I myself have run the old operations so much in the past the last thing I wanted to do was do them again.
Basically what I am asking is the future of this game more of the same. Most subscribers pay to get new and exciting content. If this is just a slow time for the game and bioware does plan to release new operations flash points and events then I will stick with it. I will also stick with the mess that was left in the game right before xmas.
Bioware needs to put out something soon in regards of what the plan is. If not I feel I will see more and more leave the game which is gonna leave me at the point where I wont want to play anymore. So PLEASE put some info out there.

ConVallian's Avatar

01.13.2016 , 11:58 AM | #2
SWTOR is only surviving because it's Star Wars. I still love it but i can see at times it's a mess of an MMO. Bioware maks good RPG games but as an mmo i dont think they get it. SWTOR has to much story and not enough new content for MMO players. And the SW fans play the story do a few FP or ops and their done. Even i get bored after i play through a story and leave for awhile. I'll admit story is the main reason play, but i can see elements that can be improved to make it better, first thing i would change would be a better customer support and better communication from the them when they change up things.

I've put alot money in swtor, but at the same time i want Bioware to do a new Star Wars rpg with better graphics