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Companion Romance?

YujianZoruk's Avatar

01.11.2016 , 11:13 PM | #1
So all throughout the pre-KotFE storyline I flirted with Lana and all throughout the KotFE storyline I flirted with her and kissed her. I did all the actions so she would "approve" them and I finally reached the point where I dragged her to a private room in the cantina on Odessen and carefully picked my choices there. However, there was NEVER a choice that was a (flirt) or the choice to initiate a romance just "only with you here" rather than "it isn't important (flirt)." I just wanted to know, was it because I didn't have enough influence or something? Because I definitely wouldn't have simply glossed over it and chosen the wrong choice because I was expecting something. And when nothing happened I was a little shocked.