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Is crit a dead stat for healers?

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Is crit a dead stat for healers?

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01.04.2014 , 08:52 AM | #1
I was told that crit is now a dead stat and that we should be going with surge instead. any truth to that? I'm gearing up my long retired Commando Healer and really enjoying healing again but want to make sure I'm gearing right. Should I still be going for 450 crit then surging out after that?
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01.04.2014 , 09:35 AM | #2
Post deleted for apparent wrongness.

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01.04.2014 , 09:43 AM | #3
Also, you have to remember that Crit can only be exchanged for Power.

For you, an armoring will have Aim and Endurance. A mod can be either Aim/Crit/Endurance or Aim/Power/Endurance. Enhancements come as Power/Alacrity/Endurance, Power/Surge/Endurance, Crit/Surge/Endurance and Crit/Alacrity/Endurance. The same goes for endgame implants and earpieces, as they will have 1) Aim, 2) Endurance, 3) Power or Crit and 4) Surge or Alacrity.

Applying that, you could take a few pieces with Crit (be it earpiece, implant, mod or enhancement) and the rest with Power. Surge and Alacrity are usually taken in ~60%/40% distribution, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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01.04.2014 , 09:45 AM | #4
Keeva is incorrect in two ways.

First, DR doesn't hit crit at 200 really at all, much less "enormously". You're thinking of surge. The rate of return from crit is almost as high at 200 as it is at 0. That's the sign of a lenient DR, not a harsh one. Also, speaking of rate of return, that is what you meant when you were talking about how crit isn't valuable. If crit had a better rate of return, it would be worth stacking even if it had a harsh DR (see: surge).

Second, crit is very important for commando healers due to the surge talents. You want to go at least to around 400, but above that is perfectly acceptable. I run low 500s on my commando. It's a bit higher than I would like, but it's numerically not a significant issue (I'm losing like, 0.3 HPS off my ceiling).
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01.04.2014 , 10:00 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by CommanderKeeva View Post
No, definitely not 450. Going above 200 critical is a mistake because the diminishing returns on critical are enormous after that. What can be said, however, is that the first few points in critical chance are still beneficial and might still be worth getting. Between 0 and 120, critical chance provides a large boost for a small investment, so most healers still have 1-2 critical mods or an implant. What little consensus exists puts the optimal critical range between 0 and 200.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Alacrity is now a very important stat for healers, more so than critical. Considering that heals cannot miss and alacrity reduces both the relative cost and the GCD of heals, healers have to have at least 5% Alarcity now. I'd recommend distributing the abovementioned 450 points like this: 100 critical and 350 Alacrity.

Power is as important as ever and Surge is a good thing to get between 72% and 74%, where the DR starts. So stat priority as a healer should be:

-Maximum Aim
-Maximum Power
- ~5-6% Alacrity
- ~23-25% Critical in total
- ~72-74% Surge in total

EDIT: Critical chance is even less important, now that the Dread Forged Relics of Focused Retributions have been boosted up to 740. Only from Aim and Relic procs you should have at least 25% crit, meaning you can take even less critical rating and more Alacrity/Surge for the same result.
Most of the post is unfortunatley wrong :

Crit was very little dimishing returns actually (compared to surge for example). The difference from 0-100 crit and let's say 300-400 is very little.
Any crit rating between 100 and 500 should be viable, the actual difference in healing output is less then 1%.

The technical optimal crit rating (for the most hps) for mercenary/commando healers is around 400, i personally prefer slightly less around 250 (due to slight overhealing).

Main stat crit chance has nothing to do with crit chance crit rating. Even if you would have 70% crit with mainstat it wouldn't make any difference at all. If you increase your crit chance from 20 to 27% or from 70 to 77% it doesn't matter. You will always crit on 7% more of your heals. (That was just a small example.)

The only stat crit really depends on is surge rating. Sadly, the surge stat has by far the highest dimishing Returns of any stat in this game.

You can't replace critical rating with alacrity or surge. Critical rating can just be replaced by power.

For gearing up your healer you have to care about 2 factors:

Crit vs Power: Basically all power except for about 250 crit in full 78 gear
Surge vs Alacrity:
The stats can just be gotten from enhancements, implants and earpiece (altogether 940 Points in full 180)
More then 4 surge pieces is basically close to unviable, due to the dimishing Returns, currently i would say 4 surge pieces (365) and 6 alacrity pieces (565). Haven't tested 7 alacrity pieces so far, that may be viable aswell.

Basically every point in surge above 70% is more or less unviable. The DR of surge starts much earlier and is the hardest DR of any stat in this game.

Edit: About Dimishing Returns:
Basically Surge Rating has by far the highest Dimishing Returns of any stat for healers/dps in this game.
An increase from 400 to 500 surge Rating increases surge Rating from 20,2 to 22,6%. That is a 10,6% increase in surge for 20% more surge stats.

The next stats i will compare are alacrity and crit Rating:
Alacrity (from 400 to 500 rating): 5,37% to 6,55% that's an 18% increase in alacrity for 20% more stats in alacrity
Crit (from 400 to 500): 7,19% to 8,70% that's a 17,3% increase in crit for 20% more stats in crit.

To reach similar dimishing return caps like 400 surge Rating for crit and alacrity, a Player would have to take over 2000 points in alacrity for example.
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01.05.2014 , 07:15 PM | #6
Nope, stack power and surge.

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01.11.2014 , 06:30 AM | #7
thanks all for the input. It's been very helpful and much appreciated
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01.13.2014 , 12:42 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by LeHovah View Post
Nope, stack power and surge.
This is extremely poor advise. Optimum 78 gearing requires 350+ crit and 500+ alacrity.
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