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Mercenary Changes Brainstorming

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Mercenary Changes Brainstorming
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10.28.2013 , 02:32 PM | #11
A change that would help commandos would also benefit mercs:

Do away with Tiered Energy system by making it more like a sorc's energy system (though, please no consume like ability to lower hp in order to gain more energy).
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10.28.2013 , 02:37 PM | #12
Merc healing - Pvp Perspective only

There is a couple problems with merc healing verses the other two healers. The first is the lack of any proactive heals. Sorcs have bubbles and ops have hots but mercs have kolto shell that only can go on one person and doesn't trigger enough to be super useful. I would suggest that the abiliity be able to be placed on 3 people and the energy cost be reduced to zero (as it was pre 1.2). This way, you can have some proactive abilities going around but not enough to overwelm the battle field.

The second problem is energy management. Mercs have, by far, the worst resource management of all the healers with no good way to recoup for losses. I would suggest one change here. Have activating supercharged gas, when activated vent 25 heat instead of the current 8. This would go along way to get the energy management on par with other classes.

Merc healers lack an "oh ****" button. Sorcs can bubble for 10 sec of invuln (which they can heal via tree option) and Operatives have vanish and to a greater extent, roll. Energy shield spec'ed with poweshield isn't enough. I suggest that Supercharged gases can be used while stunned and grants 3 charges of a buff that lasts 8 sec that, while you have one of these buffs, you can cast emergency scan without a cooldown and it automatically crits. So your oh crap button is being able to chain 2 emergency scans back to back that auto crits. With Mercs only having 2 other channeled heals, this seems reasonable given their vulnerability to interrupts.

Lastly, a slight increase to the base healing of the two channeled heal abilities. If Mercs are supposed to have the best single target heals, then buff their channeled abilities a bit.

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10.28.2013 , 02:44 PM | #13
posted this in the Commando thread:

-Tech Override: base 60s cooldown
-Reserve Powercell: base 60s cooldown
-Fix the 6c internal cooldown in Assault for proc'ing the Plasma Cell DoT with Ranged attacks (makes it a real pain switching targets)
- Combat Medic needs a lot of love. There are countless threads on it that you could use (and should have already been using) as references Eric.
- *DO NOT* fundamentally change our resource management. It is unnecessary and IMO would the extreme long way of solving the problem. There are small, relatively easy changes that would provide the same improvements

Overreaching changes should be made to the Casting/Interrupt system. This was hinted at in the answers to the Mercenary Rep questions, and is an idea that I like. My suggested changes for how casting/channeling/interrupting should work:

-You can now Cast and Channel while moving (can still be interrupted)
- Casting while moving slows your movement by 30%
- Channeling while moving slows your movement by 70%
- Once interrupted, you cannot be interrupted again for the duration of ability lockout (iirc this is 4s)
- Alacrity now also reduces the slow effect from moving while casting/channeling.

Oh, and please fix the DR of a lot of stats. Crit, Alacrity and Accuracy all had their DR curves changed in 2.0 (I assumed to correct for stat inflation), but the changes were way more drastic than they should have been.
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10.28.2013 , 03:08 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBloodloss View Post
What is the point of having separate Commando and Mercenary threads? They should be combined into a single thread so readers can view ALL responses, not just half of them. New ideas can grow from existing ideas that are posted, and splitting up the posts onto 2 different threads only hinders the process and helps in no way.
Yeah, I completely agree. I think we can all handle the different terminology being used.

As for fixes. Free rail shot on Arsenal will fix a lot for PvE, that's on the top of my wish list.

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cs_zoltan's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 03:30 PM | #15
Please don't change Kolto Shell, at it's current state it's an awesome tankhealing tool. Don't change it to something it wasn't intended for (raid healing tool). Right now we are only good at tank healing (really good at it tbh), so don't make us better raidhealers at the cost of tankhealing and turn us into an ok at both but good at nothing type of healers.

My suggestions for Merc healing PVE is to make heat management easier:

Quote: Originally Posted by cs_zoltan View Post
Well based only on my experince with overheating, I only overheal when my big heals refuse to crit and have to catch up (nothing to do about that) or there is a lot of raid healing required becuase of f*cked up mechanics.

Taken from that my ideas (not gonna say specific numbers, i'm not theorycrafter):
-a general small heat reduction to rapid scan and/or kolto missle
-and/or supercharged effect added to rapid scan: additonal small heat reduction (even mabye interrupt immunity for pvp?)
-and/or heat dissipation from kolto shell crit (maybe change Peacekeeper into this)

I don't want to make heat management scoundrel like easy, so all of this could be 1-3 heat.

CommanderKeeva's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 04:24 PM | #16
Pretty much all the changes I would like to see were already mentioned, so I'll only say one:

Change Terminal Velocity as you have changed Prototype Cylinder Ventilation for Powertechs. Instead of venting 8 heat every 6 seconds, vent 2 heat every 1.5 seconds. It would still have the same effect but in smaller increments which would be immensely helpful. It would be like getting our free Rail Shot back.

chuixupu's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 04:25 PM | #17
One thing I have always been annoyed by playing a healing merc is that we can't cast Rapid Shots on ourselves. If you want to make it so we can't build stacks of supercharged gas (at least not in PVP, maybe) and only healing specced mercs can do it, fine, but not being able to do it at all still throws me off a bit.
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10.28.2013 , 04:44 PM | #18
I just remembered another change I would like for Arsenal. We all know it's very RNG dependant due to the reliance of Barrage procs. This is asuggestion to remove that RNG.

Basically make it so Tracer Missile gives you a buff. If you have that buff and fire another tracer missile, unload goes off cooldown and gets the damage boosts (ie barrage procs). You can also keep the internal cooldown so this can only happen every 6th second.

That'd be the equivalent of barrage proccing 50% of the time, but the rng removal will likely be a straight up damage buff. So unload damage might have to be adjusted slightly.

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10.28.2013 , 04:56 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Vandicus View Post
To make matters worse, these take a total of 3 global cooldowns to apply what in aggregate is weaker and less effective than a single GCD use ability of pretty much every other class in the game.
Uh, dude? None of those abilities consumes a GCD.

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10.28.2013 , 05:02 PM | #20
Something I'd like to see but doubt will happen is the return of the 30m Electro Dart for Merc only. It's a ranged class, it deserves to be able to kill from a distance.

Something that really should be given, however, is a Gap Opener. Something like Wow's Disengage where you bounce backwards 15-30m or so would be lovely!
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