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PvP Tree Specs

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05.24.2013 , 04:30 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Maelael View Post
Okay so I've run about...good god easily near 100 warzones since hitting 55.

I've run:
Wrath Lightning Spec (Easily 50+)
Pleasantly surprisingly this is exactly the spec I play, including ranked, and have posted it numerous times in the forums. In fact, I've been playing this in a 25/16 form a long time prior to 2.0, so the changes in 2.0 have made it as it should be; and my valor on my sage is 100 for quite some time now.

It is a fully aggressive built with high adaptability for single target dps as well as aoe damage. It has also high mobility and utility, it has the defences of lightning and contrary to what you said in a following post it does have high burst. It is also uninterraptible, at least by one opponent, as there are 2 spam attacks (LS and FL). Its only weakness is you are vulnerable to ranged dpsers as your passive defences from madness are not taken. Basically, a madness sorc has the upper hand in a duel. A workaround is to take 2 points from force horrors to sith defiance, but not my preference.

Full lightning is superb for single target dps with higher burst due to thundering blast autocrit and its shortest cooldown over death field. However, death field's utility is superb as it is one of the best interrupts in the game. Also, it is easier to shut down full lightning due to its turret nature. However, it has its place in organised play; as think team timing target switching on your thundering blast.

Full or high madness you will potentially do higher numbers in the end but it is mostly fluff damage spreading weak dots all over the place.

TDLR: The 30/16 you are playing is identical to what I play and its superb.

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05.24.2013 , 04:37 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Maelael View Post
Well I was using LS off of FL Proc mostly.
Given that we are still talking about 30/16. No. You should spam LS till you get a CL proc. Then for the next 10s spam FL (if no alacrity) using an early wrath proc for CD on targets with more than 50% health. You can delay if you want your CL and your wrath proc for maximum burst rotation with a bit of luck:
shock - death field - (alacrity if you have) - proc chain ling - proc ling strike - proc chain ling - shock

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05.24.2013 , 10:41 AM | #13
Re: Musicrider's posts

Either I mispoke or wasn't clear, 30/16 does have the defenses and high burst. Compared to other classes capabilities, I do not feel it is high enough damage to mitigate our lack of compared defense tactics and raw defense ability. If our damage was better at finishing people off, or about 10-15% higher I'd feel the class is more viable. And yes, Death Field is the sauce for interrupts, and I agree 30/16 is so far the best thing I've played in terms of viability.

I have done the LS spam with Alacrity (or not) and then gone to FL for CD/LS proc. TBH, for a while I started not using CD at all. I fell into focusing on FL, and LS with alacrity up (Id start with Reckless, Death Field, Alacrity, LS into CL, LS till Alacrity drops, then go to FL procs for LS). But after that I'm all FL, and I'll be honest - I'll forget about Alacrity for about 5-15 seconds on and off while its out of cooldown. The ones I'm on my game with that it's better damage but about the same affect on the field. If they rebalance or I get a hankering to play my Sorc again, I'll focus on Alacrity LS spam some more.

If theres 4+ idiots standing in Lightning Storm range, especially trying to touch an objective and I know Im close or at the 10 second buffer, I'll use that just to get the CL insta proc faster/more reliable (3+ people I notice it's a guarantee before global cooldown is even finished).

Shocks have been mostly saved for when I had to move (Often) and had no CL or LS proc available. It's decent damage but I've had to move and kite often enough it was worth not rotating in. The few "Pro Teams" I've worked with I've mixed in shock like you described, seems okay.

I think were of similar minds, just I'm not explaining it well.

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05.31.2013 , 10:10 PM | #14
The 30/16 spec has a very similar feeling to the old hybrid prior 1.3 (I think). My question is stats. Is accuracy needed with this spec? Everywhere I read I see Accuracy 105% so I wanted to ask here before I actually bought into it.
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06.03.2013 , 01:52 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Mistwraithe View Post
The 30/16 spec has a very similar feeling to the old hybrid prior 1.3 (I think). My question is stats. Is accuracy needed with this spec? Everywhere I read I see Accuracy 105% so I wanted to ask here before I actually bought into it.
For PvE HM encounters, yes. You actually want 110% with skills and legacy bonus included.

PvP it's not needed, points are spent utilized elsewhere (Go nuts with WP and Power, get surge to 350)