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Sentinel/Marauder Build?

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Sentinel/Marauder Build?

JediKnightGeorge's Avatar

09.16.2018 , 04:19 PM | #1
I am trying to get better with my Sentinel in Ranked PvP. What are the idea stats I should be going for in Mastery, Crit, Power, Alacrity, etc? Also, I've been using Concentration Spec. Which discipline is best for PvP?

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nepochop's Avatar

09.17.2018 , 01:38 AM | #2
Alacrity - earpiece, implants, headpiece, boots, offhand
Accuracy - Stim, gloves
Crit - MH, Chestpiece, pants

Earpiece, implants, pants, shoes - alacrity
Relics, MH, OH, belt, bracers - crit
Headpiece, Chest, Gloves - accuracy

We are talking about full 248 gear and 236 augments (you can use the 240, it only adds a bit of stats). This is the build that gives you the 1,3 second global cooldown (due to alacrity stats) and max crit and 110% accuracy. However, for PVP you dont need that much accuracy so you should use a mastery stim instead of a accuracy stim. However this is just one suggestion of many.

blodvite's Avatar

09.17.2018 , 05:53 AM | #3
I personally run 3 alac enh plus 1 aug. Rest crit enh, vers aug and power stim.

1.3 gcd is rather moot for marauder considering all stuns, los:ing and general fight discontinuity. Accuracy is meh too with acc debuffs and enemy buffs, dcds, etc.

And Fury is the spec to play. CC immunity from Crush increases your survivability significantly in addition to 6s from Blood Ward for 12 in total.
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RACATW's Avatar

09.17.2018 , 09:04 AM | #4
Personally I grew tired of min maxing at soft caps and went with

4-5% accuracy
Max power aside from augs
Max crit (these make people panic more than anything else)

I can't be bothered hitting 0.1% faster with alacrity (0.2% faster while hitting like a wet noodle when you stack lots of alacrity) or add 100 to your uncritted 12k hit with more mastery. Hit big or go home.

It's especially fun if you have a good dps friend to hard swap with. Unfortunately the people I used to do that with quit playing as much but I still get a kick out of chasing unguarded healers and ruining their day. (maybe)