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A Note on General Performance Issues

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A Note on General Performance Issues
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01.30.2012 , 04:25 PM | #101
That's a shame, it's a decent looking title, especially in conversations, but nowhere near for the performance quality I get.

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01.30.2012 , 04:26 PM | #102
So after my own personal experience, reading the 12 or so iterations of the "Horrid Fps" thread, reading other performance related threads and finally ready BW's User Guide on FPS and Graphical Settings wall of text, I have affirmed my previous conclusions that:

1. A very small portion of the player base has inadequate system resources, and
2. BW vastly understated the minimum requirements to play this game in its entirety. Instead, it established minimum specs for a system when there is absolutely no one else playing. For an MMO, thats not really the way to do things. Sixteen people in a warzone should not make the game into a still frame movie. I can put forth the logical guess that if you were to change your minimum specs now, you would potential open yourself up to lawsuits seeking a reimbursement of investment. However, if you don't change them or fix the issue with the information that has been provided, you open yourself up to further customer dissatisfaction. I doubt anyone would actually pursue the matter that far legally, but don't you think it would be better to fix it now.
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01.30.2012 , 04:26 PM | #103
While this was an interesting read, it's not quite what I had expected. For one thing, I had hoped for better definition of what exactly the graphics settings do. Simply labeling everything has "high, low and off" is extremely vague. I am glad you clarified this about shadows. It would be nicer, if you would simply rename the in-game settings to "full, blob and off".

Likewise, what exactly are the 'high and low' settings for Anti aliasing or Anisotropic filtering? Are we talking 2x, 4x, what? Personally I prefer to use 8x AA and 16x AF for these settings, but I have the impression that 'high' is a lower setting.

And what about other graphics settings? Some people have found they can do even more with SWTOR's graphics by adding lines to their .ini file. How about that kind of stuff?

I guess the biggest question I have is; When are you going to improve the graphics settings window? Give us more specific information than just 'high' this and 'low' that. Will we ever see additional settings made available? I would love to make shadows a little higher res than they are now, or enable better lighting.

ohmslaw's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 04:26 PM | #104
Wait, So setting shadows to high is more graphics intensive???

But what if it's not Using my Graphics Processing Unit at all???

Can I then Set Shadows to High??
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01.30.2012 , 04:27 PM | #105
From what i see my computer is not being used very efficiently by the game. I mean the usage is all over the place, low GPU usage one sec then bam high GPU usage, stutters moving forward, stutters turning, its playable but my eyes dont enjoy it.

My general feeling like other games is this game will follow others and not have enough flexibility in the game engine to fix this problem and if the game survives financially hopefully a full Game Engine Change in future expansions will be the fix we are looking for.

It has happened to WOW they had to redo their engine to make the game play and do what they want.

I see BW in the same position rt know trying to make this game do all this stuff and play at reasonable frames, and high rez graphics too. common i played 1000 of hours of games i dont see large groups of people fighting or even standing around in this game ever running to good.

But on the other hand id like to be proved wrong.

Wraithstar's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 04:28 PM | #106
This is a terrible guide, this is all stuff everyone already knew, I thought you were actually going to patch the issue, but it seems you still have no idea what to do. Ill give SWTOR one more month to fix their stuff then im out. A forum droid already said my comp exceeds the minimum reqs and said you you guys were going to fix the issues, but so far this is just the same stuff posted by other ppl on the forums. This guide does nothing for me, its a damn shame. The last patch did fix some of my fps issues but stuttering is still there.


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01.30.2012 , 04:29 PM | #107
I always thought "high settings" were the settings to use when i'm high.
Now i should have more than 20ips on the fleet.
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01.30.2012 , 04:31 PM | #108
this game need hires textures, lighting effects are need bad, like your light saber should light everything up instead of just you side of your toon Shadows on high look like crap, Weather is god awful I mean you guys planning on coming out with a graphics overhaul maybe then people will have better performance with more **** that you can toggle.
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01.30.2012 , 04:32 PM | #109
I cancelled my subscription. I'm very dissatisfied with this post on the issue and it doesn't seem like they are planning to do anything concrete about this in the near future, and to call a Warzone with a maximum of 16 players on the screen at the same time is nothing else but laughable.

They should really change their minimum and recommended specs, my computer is slightly above recommended specs and I play with 8-20 in Warzones on the lowest settings (although I have the exact same FPS on the absolute highest settings...).

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01.30.2012 , 04:33 PM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by VtTethias View Post
There's a link on reddit that links to a post here in the German forums that claims that DX9 files that are needed are not included by DX10/DX11 by default and so have to be emulated. Here's the post:

Try installing the Dx9 files and seeing if that fixes your performance problems as well.
Seruisly, that s**t worked like a charm. I can not thank you enough. As always Reddit is there for you