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Decoration Bundle Suggestions for the Cartel Market

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Decoration Bundle Suggestions for the Cartel Market

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08.16.2019 , 11:01 AM | #1
So we have some interesting bundles that have come out. Here are some ideas for more:

Imperial Command Bundle
Decorations that are Imperial but not Sith.
Imperial Ceiling Light
Imperial Command Center
Imperial Grenadier
Imperial Logo Rug
Imperial Security Console
Octagonal Computer Station
Sign: Empire
Sign: Kaas City

Republic Command Bundle
Decorations that are Republic but not Jedi.
Battle-Worn Republic Placard
Massive Anti-Air Turret
Planetary Holoprojector
Radar Tower
Republic Ambassador's Rug
Republic Data Storage Unit
Server Monitor
Slicer's Planning Table

(I really had to struggle with this one, because there are plenty of Imperial and Sith decos, also Jedi decos, but actually very few Republic decorations!
For example, there is an Imperial table and Imperial ceiling light, but no Republic equivalent.
This would also be a great time to bring out the long overdue REPUBLIC class Memorial Holoprojectors!)

Hunter's Hideout Bundle
Decor for mercenaries and bounty hunters.
Bounty Board (Ceiling)
Bounty Board Holotable
Bounty Holding Cell x2
Bounty Monitor
Bounty Terminal
Emergency Ceiling Light (Red)
Hunter's Planning Table
Mercenaries Table

Return of the Revanites Bundle
Shadow of Revan is still my favorite chapter.
Flag: Revanite Standard
Grand Statue of Revan
Revanite Altar
Revanite Battler
Revanite Camp Chair x4
Revanite Chandelier
Revanite Planning Tent
Revanite Vindicator
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