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Boxing the player into dark side conversation choices.

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Boxing the player into dark side conversation choices.

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12.25.2011 , 03:44 PM | #1
I was playing through the sith inquisitor storyline on Nar-Shaddaa. I saw that Rylee(might be misspelled) had a quest triangle over her head and went to talk to her. First I chose an option that ended up having my character say a much more flirtatious thing that I had wanted or thought it would(especially since a previous option that had the label flirt hadn't gone as far). Next thing I know I'm cornered into 2 dark side choices or being a jerk(I tire of talking with you, is what the prompt read). I chose one of the dark-side options which I thought would not be much more than flirting and it ended up with a tour of Rylee's bedroom...In a normal Bioware game I would reload and see if there was a way to end the conversation without being a @!#&@ or just avoid the conversation. Is there any way to re-do/undo that conversation? Dumb question, I am 99% sure the answer is no. Bioware please don't box people in to making choices they don't want to make especially since they can't re-load a save as in your previous games. I know it's a large game and the conversations can't be as polished as in previous games, but it was a branch off of a classes main storyline. Those are my thoughts. Sorry if this same thing was already a thread, but I was unable to locate a search engine for the threads and wasn't about to look through 20+ pages to see if it was.

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12.26.2011 , 06:07 AM | #2
You could have hit esc to exit out of the conversation before it saved to the server but now it is too late to change the choice.