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Suggestion for LS/DS choices regarding Rank

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Suggestion for LS/DS choices regarding Rank

dajhut's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 09:57 PM | #1
Can we make LS and DS mutually exclusive ALA Mass Effect 2. At this time, if your light side and you want to play your character a little bit dark side it counts against your total LS total so if you have 400 DS points you will need 4400 LS points to make Light 4.

Right now I'm exploring the game as a Ligh Side Sith Warrior, but I would like to not have to take the Light Side choice everytime and avoid all Dark Side Choices, for example when someone jumps out and tries to kill me. I play my guy like a Dark Knight, he supports the Empire and believes in honorable combat, if some little punk tries the jump him I would like to cut him down instead of constantly having to show mercy to prevent accumulating DS points which will lower my LS rank.

If I played this guy like I would want to he would still be predominantly Light Side but his rank would be way lower and would be kinda gimping him since the game rewards all Light or all Dark. I just think it would allow people to explore more LS/DS options if one didnt count against the other in game terms for LS/DS rank.