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(POSSIBLE SPOILER!) Light side vs. Dark Side?

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(POSSIBLE SPOILER!) Light side vs. Dark Side?

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12.26.2011 , 06:01 PM | #1
I start this thread and hope that it will find it's home in this catagory, since there is no other remotly related.

At any rate - my concern is how dark side will play out vs. light side. First of, will they play out any relevant role in the late game?
We have all heard, that the rigth path is often the hardest one - and in a game intended for fun and balanced equality. I am all in for playing singleplayer game where I play light side most of the time. But playing ligth side in a game where I may be pitched against others with perhaps mroe at their disposal, not fun. So how beneficial will one be towards the other (more on that later).
I have heard of the gear, but will there simply be (A) armor with (A) looks for Light - And the same stats (A) armor, but with (B) looks for dark?
Will light have mroe defensive stats and dark more offensive?
And how are the RELEVANT choices tied into the UNRELEVANT choices.

I, and I wager many here - love the possebility of choice in this game. But the lack of knowledge how this migth affect game in ways the develpoers may, or may not have considered. This is something we may want to know to base our choices on.

And one of my other concerns is that dark side players will get a larger pool of credits, rather then light.
Most of us in this game have played RPGs and know that Dark side often earns more gold for being in-humane ******es. While we light siders decline on recourses in order to help others - paying more for useless items to poor fools.

List of events, or quests that speak in favor of Darkside: (Possible spoiler.)
I am only lvl 25 on my Jk, and a lot of online video content - and so far, this seems to be the case here

This said, there also seems to be quests which atleast SEEM to reward extra for doing the light side option - but so far, only one mini-quest comes to mind.

Yes, I am certain they have tought of this. And if they have and it will be a slight advantage to playnig darkside - that's quite a bit of BS I must say.

But anyway - over to you guys who can enlighten me.