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<Nerfherders> <Empire> Raid Teams

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<Nerfherders> <Empire> Raid Teams

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02.11.2019 , 05:56 PM | #1
Nerfherders has been a casual raiding guild for over the last year. Now we are looking to diversify our player base. Not only are we doing more conquest then ever before. We have 3 Raid team doing Nim/HM Content. Also we Consistently doing 16-man content for both Sm/Hm raids. On top of that we still do multiple GF ops every day.

I am making this post to go in-depth about our three Raid teams. we have three different types of raid teams for every type of difficulty. Each team is made up of the same core group having 8 main team members. Two tanks, Two healer and four DPS. With 2 reserve player normally being one DPS and one multi-class player to fill an absent player for the day. Also want to say If you opt into join the Guild or raid teams please check out are guild rule on are website.

Raid team one "Perisistent " Team Leader Hida
This team is are most Beginner friendly team we have for hardmode content. If you are a vary casual player and you want to get into hardmode content this team is for you. In my opinion this team has the most personality. You will always have a enjoyable time Raiding with this team.

Raid team Two "Death Squad" Team Leader I'like-fire
This team Is for Moderate player level. Mostly for people that are Experience in hardmode Operations and or not quite at the Nightmare level but are trying to get to the nightmare level of play. The most impotent trait
about this team and the next team in the list is Player Situational Awareness . You need to have a good understating of the class enough to play well paying attention to mechanics in the fights.

Raid team Three "Wipefest" Team Leader Tarijon
This team has some of our most experienced players in the guild, This being are Nightmare team. With this team you need to know your class very well. Situational awareness has to be good enough to do enough damage as well as doing some of the most hardest content in the game. This team involves doing the most work to join. You need to show parse to the team lead and do a few test runs before joining.

If you're at all interested in joining the guild or any of the teams you can get a hold of us from are Website "" or send an in-game message to any of the officers or Junior Officers in the list Below.
Officers Chif Bb, Tarijon, Klorea and I'like-fire
Junior Officers MKP, Beyhaz, Hida, Setakh and Ursha one