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Unlocked Tortuga but I can't create a character?

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Unlocked Tortuga but I can't create a character?

Obiwan-Kalossi's Avatar

07.26.2015 , 03:17 AM | #1
As the title suggests really.

I paid for the unlock on the market and when I went to create a character it was locked on all classes. Anyone else had this issue or is it simply a question of waiting for the game to update itself to show you've purchased the unlock?

I paid for it about an hour ago and still nothing. Its also showing on my market ledger that I've paid for it and I have my Paypal receipt .

Thanks in advance!

Nabradiah's Avatar

07.26.2015 , 05:12 AM | #2
The paypal receipt is just for the cartel coins, right? So that proves nothing.

If you purchased togruta, did you check if you transferred it into your inventory and activated it from there?^^
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