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Commando/Mercenary need a interrupt ability.

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Commando/Mercenary need a interrupt ability.

VanTesla's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 01:29 AM | #1
Every class has a 4 Second interrupt ability except for Commando/Mercenary. Melee classes have a 8 second cooldown that interrupts a charged or channeled ability for 4 second and range classes have a 12 second version that last 4 seconds. Why does Commando/Mercenary not have one and why should it be left out when its a majorly useful skill when facing many tough opponents.

If you agree that the class deserves the ability as well, then please sign here.

NogueiraA's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 01:43 AM | #2
Bounty Hunter have 4secs cc, the most powerful knoback in this game, stun, 12 secs bubble.

You want more?

-Kraxis-'s Avatar

05.20.2012 , 07:28 AM | #3
Yes. Mercs are the worst class in the game, if you take PvP into account. Mercs get beat by Marauders and Snipers in PvE and beat by EVERYONE in PvP. The only reason I even play my Merc anymore is because I like a challenge... haha

If Mercs can't be top DPS (Mara/Snip) or top heals (Ops), then we should get the most utility... meaning best knockbacks, best interrupts and best CC's.

(I have multiple 50's, War Hero toons and have been running Ops since 3 weeks in)

Kerbs's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 11:32 AM | #4
I have a 50 Commando and Sentinel that PVP's. Commando is more of a jack of all trades type of player minus the Interrupt. Bioware have said that it is a purposeful ***** in the armour to offset other utilities.

Commando has... (Gunnery Spec)

  • Self heals
  • Good dps (it does if you say otherwise then your are not doing it right) Burst damage can be quite high if timed right.
  • Excellent Knockbacks two of them in Gunnery.
  • 4 Second stun
  • 25% damage reduction along with Heavy armour
  • Excellent AOE damage which even in PVP can be more than useful.

  • no Interrupt
  • no gap closer (not that one is needed)

Sentinel has. (watchman spec)
  • Awesome single target sustained pressure dps with dots
  • Excellent interrupt abilities
  • Gap Closer Force leap
  • Force Camo used as either gap closer or defensive ability
  • Excellent short term defence in Saber-ward, rebuke and Guarded by the force
  • Damage reduction/cancellation on tech and melee users via pacify
  • Medium armour
  • small heals but no on demand large heals.

  • No significant AOE
  • No stun that can be used whilst damaging the rest are mezers or channeled.
  • Only dps in Melee with the excpetion of short range attacks at 10 meters, in world of stuns and roots where they are not on resolve this hurts melee a lot in general.
  • no knockback

TLDR - Different classes are different and need various forms of strengths and weaknesses to keep gameplay interesting. Balance may still need to be required but putting in abilities that change how the class is defined should not be the case in my opinion.

xViiRGIL's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 12:34 PM | #5
well as far as PVP goes, they need one for sure just because in my small experiences in pvp with my merc (only got to valor lvl 10 lol) PvP in this game seems to be based on stuns and interrupts, and the ability to pop your stun release when needed to get out of trouble. I just see more of a need for all classes to have the same amount of those kind of ablities, just to try to balance things out for pvp. And since us mercs healing got hit by the nerf bat so bad, I too think that they need a good interrupt. The only thing i have found that you can use as a good interrupt, is the rocket punch, but you have to be in punching distance to be able to use it, and as a merc ( you should be kiting like your life depends on it because it does lol) that just doesnt fit well with the class at all imo. Our only stun takes forever to be able to use again, and then it doesnt even stun for very long compared to other classes stuns/cc's.

So i for one am in favor of them adding a good ranged interrupt ability, otherwise mercs are just about useless in pvp now. Even when played well, your at a disadvantage since the 1.2 nerf bat to our abilitys.
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