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So how exactly does the Kira romance work?

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So how exactly does the Kira romance work?

OldVengeance's Avatar

05.15.2012 , 10:09 PM | #1
I've completed Act 1 with my Sentinel and I've gotten to the point where Kira makes her move on the Knight and you have the option to have a "fade to black" moment.

I've been hitting her with a few flirts as we've leveled up but I haven't wanted to be super blatant about it because I thought taking it slow would be more interesting, so not all of them.

The MMO style has taught me to be very cautious about proceeding with NPC's stories so I want to be sure exactly what my options are.

I know there will be a point where the opportunity to peruse a romance will end. I could tell which conversation that was going to be in the Vette-Sith Warrior conversations for instance. In that case it was fine, but I don't want to be stuck without being able to continue the romance for the rest of the game.

Is this the last chance for the Kira romance?

There's an option to say "I care about you too much" or kiss her or to reject her entirely.

She gains approval for saying the first one but it also for all I can tell it might be a friendly way to "break up" with her for good.

Is there another way to continue the romance down the line or is this the make or break moment?

i_am_sancho's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 12:27 AM | #2
Don't be too worried about the options, Kira's not like other Jedi, that's a compliment She doesn't like the whole Jedi-don't-have-families thing so much. As long as your affection with her is high enough, you do choose the flirt options when they appear and try not to displease her, romancing Kira is easy. Remember though, it's very story dependent so if you're not up to a certain stage in the game you won't be able to continue her conversations.
The only way real ways you can ruin it permanently are by romancing another companion or skipping too many flirt options. If you're still getting flirt options, then you haven't skipped too many.

OldVengeance's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 12:54 PM | #3
But how do I know this isn't the last one? Should I just assume that any non flirt option is unromantic, even if it's telling her I care about her "too much"?

i_am_sancho's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 04:20 PM | #4
You can afford to skip a couple of the more intensely romantic ones, i did. But if you've selected a flirt option in the past, as long as your affection with her keeps rising you'll keep getting flirt options. Just don't skip too many more if you can help it. But you'll most likely have to complete another part of the JK story and get her affection past the next 2000 before she'll speak to you again.

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05.19.2012 , 06:03 PM | #5
So I can definitely continue a Kira romance without the one night stand where she says talks about "The Jedi Code only forbids attachments, no-one says we can't have a little fun"?

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05.19.2012 , 06:43 PM | #6
I am not a roleplayer in the sense that I stand around in towns in MMORPGs acting out a character, but in things like this, I do roleplay a bit. I feel like such a fuddy-duddy, but I have not yet taken any flirt options because it just doesn't seem like a very jedi thing to do.
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