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This was bound for chaos.

Thallex's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 07:25 AM | #1
The only difference now between this and a "normal" MMO release is people are complaining about not getting their invites VS. disconnecting rapidly. Personally, I would of just preferred the latter. I'll admit to this being a form of slow torture in which I'll be sitting around doing nothing, sleeping, and refreshing for what could be potentially the next 4 days (Pre-order September).

With this said, I just read on SWTOR Dominator website (Dunno how credible it is) that the total number of preorders a week-ish ago was 965,000ish, not much more than beta participation in which mostly every one was in by the 2nd day. Considering the sheer amount of servers and the experience from the beta weekend, I feel as though it'd be a accurate estimate (with that number in mind) that Bioware isn't just replacing disconnects with staggering invites and perhaps we'll ALL get in today.

But who knows? This is all a guessing game right now.