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09.20.2015 , 10:32 PM | #201
I have created a fan fic known as The Terror of the Great Armageddon. I have never fully introduced the main character and narrator of this story. Therefore what you see below is the general description and brief bio of Lord Armageddon. This bio contains a lot of spoilers that will later be revealed in the story. You have been warned, read it at your own risk.

Name: Giovanni Corvette, (Original Name) Darth Brutios, (Sith Name) Armageddon (Sith Title and the Name he is known by currently)
Gender: Male
Year of Birth:3,650 BBY
Place of Birth:Mandalore
Home Planet:Mandalore
Current Age:25
Hair Color/Style:black and wavy
Facial Appearance: slender nose, roundish face with a very serious expression (warrior heritage)
Eye Color: Emerald Green, Blood Red (Dark Side Corruption)
Body Appearance:Very large and muscular, very athletic and heavy
Current Residence:Aboard his flagship, The Apocalypse
Allegiance:The Sith Empire, The Dark Council, etc.
Profession:Dark Lord of the SIth (Successor of VItiate, the Sith Emperor)
Armor and Clothing: Customized Sith Robes, underneath the Sith Robes is a light Mandalorian Iron Armor, wears the helm of Mandalore
Primary Weapon:Customized Blood-Red Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon:The Force
Masters:Yamaha Glen (Jedi Instructor), Anthos Vivaldo (Sith Master and mentor), Vido Derenga aka. Viper (Sith Overseer)
Apprentices: Darth Akuma (formerly Angelina Morada), Enze Menaza aka. The Silent Plague (Sith Assassin)


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09.21.2015 , 12:17 AM | #202
Here goes my character. For some of you he may be not acceptable, for some he might be fine for others... just neutral. Anyway here he is.

Name and Title:
Dread Lord Terentas Strog.

Over 120 years.

Brothers and sisters:
His brother known in the Empire as a Conqueror Mellennium Strog. Unlike cold blooded Terentas, Mell is a real patriot with warrior's honour.

Unknown SIth Lord named Lady Aneks. Had a dark jedi apprentice, before left in the Dark Space. Fate of this jedi, as well as his name is unknown.

Body type:

Eye color:

Black short hair.

A huge scar all over the face.

Organizations this character was in IC wise:
Dread Guard, The Imperial Directive, Invisus Umbra, The Dark Contingency, Sarovyr's cult, Targoth's Cult.

His family's old temple, hidden somewhere on Dathomir and now used as a Strog's power base. In fact this is a heavily guarded fortress, useful for any kinds of meetings. Only a very few knows it's location.

Human/pure blood.

Strog always was cold and unemotional sith. In this way, he was like Jadus. With passion cold as ice. Even knowing how much he done for the Empire, he however never believed in its supreme goals. Even being one of the Dread Sorcerers, who served the Dread Masters, he never worshiped them more then just a powerful men and women. Even so, in a time when he was just a boy, Strog didn't try to impress them. As a Sith... No, as a Man, he once was a person with strong emotions, who loved his friend Ren. Those both sith, never dreamed about power or control over Empire. They dreamed about uncovered secrets of the known and unknown galaxies. They studied about ancients and were inspired by the spirit of Revan's ideals. The Force in Balance. Their love, their connection was so strong. So the Dread Masters used it to inspire Strog's loyalty. He made for himself a great name, earned a title of the Dread Lord of the Sith. But titles never really concerned Strog. This was always just a tool for him, nothing more. But, as it always happens, it was not enough for a Masters to bind his will. They force Strog to fight his love to the death, but in final move, when he had to tear her body a part... a pure blood Strog refused to kill her and openly said NO to the Dread Master's will. So they did kill her as punishment for his disobeying. He was locked under the ground, in the Dread Fortress's jails. Screams of his dying Ren, that is what led him to madness as he heard it every night. And when he was freed again, his emotions and feels became cold and dead. As a sign of the long dead world Malachor V, Strog took name Malakor and became Commander among Dread Host's numbers.

Malakor joined the sith order during the war, but no one knows where he was born. Of course, many asked about that. But Sith always had different answers. Also, no one knows anything about his parents. Only later, during the dread war, this knowledge was opened. Malakor is a child of the big and noble sith generations, who placed themselves in servitude to the Dread Masters. From the beginning of his way, boy was trained as the most loyal and deadly servant to the Emperor and his personal executors. But, his loyalty to the dread masters wasn't perfectly clear. As a Sith, Malakor never wanted to be a Leader, a ruler of someone. But he always wanted to have more power, more knowledge. No matter the cost. On his way to greatness, his first order was The Imperial Directive. As an apprentice to Darth Namon, Malakor tried to grow in his believes and ideals. On the first steps, Namon was proud of his apprentice, but then something goes wrong. On Korriban, he tried to kill Malakor and called him a traitor. As sith knows later, Namon did that for show, for striking at the Imperial Directive's Leader's back. And he did that.

After that. Malakor a long time was just a warrior on the battlefield, sometimes doing his duty for the dread lords. It is a time, when he met someone, who became his master and his friend, someone respectful and strong. Sarovyr was a great warrior and after a shot fight on Korriban, he was the one, who asked Malakor to join him. That was a beginning of the nice friendship, future rivalry, conflicts and then new servitude. Malakor was loyal. But never popular. A shadow of his master, his personal assassin. And his friendship with a Sarovyr could grow in something bigger, but that also was a time, when The Dread Masters rebelled. As one of elite dread sorcerer, Malakor got a gift for his loyalty. Corrupted Mask. Source of great power. And a trap. Trap for a weak mind. As one of the Dread Guard, Malakor could hear voices of his Masters, no matter where he was. He thought, that mask is a first piece to his true greatness, and another step to prove to Sarovyr his strength and power. Prove, that he can handle even such ancient and dangerous power. But, there are always mistakes on our life. The Masters ordered to destroy Sarovyr's cult and himself. When Malakor said no to them, he ll never betray his friend, the Dread Will enslaved his mind. A human no more. Just a beast, he attacked Sarovyr's cult, but was killed by the mighty Darth himself. However, that wasn't an end...

Maybe Malakor was enslaved by the dread will, in any ways he is no match for the Dread Masters. But, when their presence was gone, with the help one of his children, Lord Elifas, Malakor was resurrected in a new body. A Pure blooded body. A host. And that was a new beginning. He had to become full sith again. He lost all his powers, his memories. But, fate smiled to him. Malakor, now Terentas, met with Sarovyr again. He joined him and was the most loyal member to his Leader. And, that was a time, when Sarovyr takes Terentas as his apprentice. They were both acting in the war against Crimson Moon. That also was a time, when the Shroud grows in power. But, before conflict was ended, Terentas gone. And no one could find him. Only after a few years, he came back to the Empire's space. With a new host, with a new powerful and dangerous artifacts and power. The Crest, what he forged in the Dark Space, a place beyond know galaxy's reality. To gain it, he lost his humanity, his feelings. Is he now sith? Or just the dreadful entity who is nothing, but the hunger for power Monster. No one knows. He came back to show his master and lost friend, what he gained. To show his master, that he can be proud of his apprentice. But... Sarovyr gone and no one knows where is he. While Sarovyr was gone, however, Terentas joined the Cult again and served Darth Targoth as a friend and guard. But past the time, Targoth's cult was destroyed. Sarovyr didn't come back, so Terentas found his own way.

However, that is all happened a long ago before this Sith joined Brotherhood. What happened with him in that time, is out of any recordings. He became a good friend to Voss, studied ancient relics and history. But beyond that... nothing. What he wants to achieve? What is his goal? How a travel to the Dark Space changed him? A lot of questions, but there is not even a single answer. Many tried to follow his pass, but failed. Many tried to uncover his nature... But most of them just disappeared. The only journal that was found in the Nightmare Lands, left by some unknown sith:

"I remember a day, when he died.. and yet, i see him again. Malakor, now Terentas, loyal servant of the Dread Guard, Darth Sarovyr's apprentice. He is... unnatural sith. His fire is cold. No emotions, no feelings. He is like Jadus.. or even worse. He has hunger for power, but doesn't wish to rule over people's minds. I heard rumors of this man... he is alchemist, sorcerer. And always works in the shadows. No one knows his true face. No one knows who he is. Any sith, any Imperial around us... can be him. No one remembers him, yet he knows everything about everyone. I heard rumors... that real Malakor might be a long dead. That there is...a monster, abomination... a host user among our numbers. That he paid the most high price for power, then anyone else. Turned himself into the living essence of the dread force. And yet... he is still undetected. He is doing a lot hard work for the Empire, infiltrated Jedi Order and Republic's military. He is everywhere. Yet... no one knows his true goals. What he wants to achieve? If only we could know. We could plan to stop him, maybe... but we don't know anything about his plans or him. And it fears me. I might got closer to his secrets and i wish only, that if i fail, someone continues my work. I hear voices in my head every night. I see strange figure in my dreams. His face... No, his mask... This is madness, but if i didn't know, that the Dread Masters are long dead... but this mask... so weird... and such power... unnatural, dark power. He calls for me. To some totem... Today, me and my team are going to investigate this. It maybe a sign of the Force or a trap..."

Past the time, he joined the Shadow Guard in order to find his old Master and serve the Empire as it's defender. He owed his life to Dark Lord Aviria, and promised to do everything he can, to help.

Travel to the Dark Space.

The Dark Space. Place beyond Living Galaxy. Place where is no Force, but something terrible. Terentas traveled here, from where no yet came back, to learn more secrets, to become stronger and wiser. What he found? Brutal Primordial Mind, Living Force , which, however, differed from that of the Sith and the Jedi are accustomed to feeling . As well as the Living Force , there were the dark and light side that were simply in balance. However, the Sith did not immediately realize , this Living Force was the complete opposite of the one that lived in his galaxy. The brutal , evil . Yes. Evil. Terentas sensed a great hunger, hatred and anger. And yet... there was serenity, tamper, peace. What he sensed.. what he felt.... he didn't like it and his first thought was to run, retreat... but it was too late for him. The Black Force caught him into the trap. Time in the dark space a bit different from the time of Living Galaxy.

Over time, the body is weakened , despite the daily meditation . Time dragged on . Hours , days, years , age ... he did not know for how long is he among the expanses of the Dark Space , but in fact , did not even think about it. Terentas managed to establish contact with the local Living Force. It fueled his body and spirit with its unnatural power. His whole mind and being... changed. He knew more about the force. He knew the another side of the darkness. He knew about other stars. About other galaxy's, other universes and other realities. And got a wish to explore them all. But... a man or even Sith, never get a chance to live so long. And the cost for immortality was too great. He knew, what Vititate did to become immortal, but unlike the Emperor, Terentas didn't want to consume every living being. And so he made a choice... to abandon everything within him. Sith raised his eyes to the Eye of Madness, Eye of the Mind beyond any realities. Mrak. And he answered to Terentas. He showed to him what he wants. And Terentas saw what pass Vitiate chooses. And what Mrak is truly is. Something terrible, a Force that existed before the first living being even existed. Mrak never lies. He told to Terentas, that price for power, maybe high even for a most mad maniac. Yet... he accepted this price. He had nothing to sacrifice any longer. Everything he cared about, everything he loved... were a long dead. And so... Terentas was changed. To a monster. To a Dreadful Entity. He, however, saved his wishes and saved his mind. And then... The Dark Space allowed him to come back.

Terentas wishes to gain knowledge and power over Light and Dark, Good and Evil. To be between four great Forces. He has same goals for immortality as the Emperor, but with a little different ways.

Terentas is cold as was Jadus, if not worse. For whoever he will call his Master once again, he will be most loyal follower until the end of his life or his Masters. He has a strong will, but prefers to be unemotional Living Weapon, then just a person. He cares only for gaining power and knowledge over the force and doesn't care about Leadership. He has a title of Lord, but this nothing but just a tool for him. In other words, he never betray those who respects and follow. One thing, that other Sith might not understand, about Terentas: Even if he becomes powerful enough to strike down all his masters combined... he won't do that, until see them as a betrayers to the Empire. As he doesn't care about power plays and doesn't seek Leadership. Union, stability, order - those things, as Terentas believes, will make the Empire stronger. Some may say he is naive for his ages. But don't be fooled... this "man" will exterminate planets, just to ensure Empire's survival. He is a Monster.

Main Skills:
Master of the Dark Arts and the Dread Force, alchemist, necromancer and sorcerer. Also he is a well trained warrior, who can fight with double-bladed style. Strog mastered balance in the force, as he follows his own understanding of the sith and jedi codes, using both light and dark side combined.

Dread Guard's heavy armor, that was used by some of the Dread Commander's during the Dread War, but now redesigned to Strog's personal style. Having a heavy defense, but unlike some may think, do not slow it's user's movement. Crest of the Dread, a mask, that he doesn't wear off anymore. And his face stay hidden from anyone and well protected from ANY kind of damage.

Dread Guard's Corrupted mask - gained by Terentas during his serve in the Dread Guard, long before conflict with the republic started. Powerful artifact, that can protect it's owner from some mentality attacks. Requires strong will to control it or it will turn you into mad mindless killer.

Crest of the Dread mask(Approved IC wise by Sarysa and Sarovyr) - gained by Terentas during his long travel in the Dark Space, forged through alchemy and sorcery. It's design similar to the Dread Master's masks. Requires even more stronger will to control it. Can't be destroyed.

Wings of Architect(Approved IC wise by Sarysa and Sarovyr) - gained by Terentas after the end of the Dread War. Lord Strog was one of those, who helpt to the Empire discover Dread Master's secrets, as he was one of the very few Dread Guard's Commanders who rebelled and knew The Master's weapon design's. With the Empire's help, he was able to forge his own prototype wings, controlled by his mind. Of course, it did take some time, before he learned how to control it.

Dreadful Amulet - powerful artifact of the dreadful power, that Terentas forged by himself and fueled it with part of his sorcery. When used, can grant to it's owner power of dread, but only for a short time. If used in front of those, who's mind didn't protect by Dread Masks, depends on persons' will, it can either bring him to madness or just distract for a few seconds.

Having light sabers of the ancient design, made in the dread forge. Both light saber and double-bladed light saber have white crystals.

Wings of Architect, powerful machine designed by Dread Master Brontes. Once served in the Dread Guard, Terentas knew it's design and forged his own prototype of this wings. Tentacles not only very useful as a flying mount, but also can be used as weapons. It is possible not only to tear your enemy apart, but also fry him with blaster shots. Wings controlled by Strog's mentality.

Main goals:
Serve the Empire and bring it to both victory and glory, to ensure it's survival. He has hunger for ancient powers and he, indeed, wishes to be immortal. But even being a cold blooded monster, Strog didn't forget his ideals and principles. So between Power and what good for the Empire, he chooses the Empire, even so not always believing in it's supreme goals. He also hunting for ancient relics, that can fuel his power and knowledge over the Force.

After travel in the dark space his goals changed. There is a rumor, that Terentas Strog, as a person who he was, is dead. And there is something terrible, that took his memories and body to it's own control.

Forge both Republic and the Sith Empire into the first Eternal Empire, that will conquer this galaxy and then whole universe. Empire, where light side and dark side won't be foes, but will be united. Terror and Madness will be it's weapons. Order and Unity will be it's defense. An utopia, some says... but Revan proved, that by following one goal, Republic and Empire can fight and defend as One.

Notice: Those, who will try to call him a gray Jedi or even a Jedish, will be so mistaken. This walking Monster, lost his humanity completely. He is a Master of Balance, but he careless and deadly cold person. And don't be mistaken. He doesn't lose his passion. It is just changed within him. Became something... terrible. Terentas Strog is the living proof, that darkness or light aren't the same as evil or good. That force in balance can be used as well as by Heroes, as by Monsters. That even light side can be used by Evil mind.


Here it ends. My character wasn't made by one day. I am role playing on the progenitor for over two years. There were falls, there were rises. Everything, beyond travel in the dark space and his days before war, was role played. My character is an example to all force-users:

Some power costs too much. Even if you are crazy maniac, it might be hard enough for you to control it. And there are some prices... even you won't be ready to pay. He did. And who is not a right question. What is he, only time will answer.

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11.05.2015 , 08:33 PM | #203
Species: Sith Pureblood
Name: Hronmir
Middle Name: Lakeb
Last Name: Blackblood
Nickname: Mir, Keb, Sovereign
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 27 BCE
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Age: 31
Weight: 250-275lbs. (Excluding Armor)
Height: 7'1ft.
Hair Color/Style: N/A
Facial Appearance: Broad bone peaks, bright red-orange eyes, with a 3-Pronged scar descending down his left eye.
Body Appearance: Very muscular, with broad shoulders, with a very sturdy, and strong stance that gives you the sense of "Power" before you even speak to him.
Home Planet: Makeb
Current Residence: Taris
Allegiance: Sith, Empire, and the Blackbloods
Profession: Powerful Sith Lord (Also adept at Cybernetics, and a good Diplomat)
Primary Weapon: One-Handed Pronged Saber: with a Black inner core, and a Red outer-hue

The Blackblood History
The intricate workings of the Blackblood family have yet to be understood by most outsiders, many come to seek how they have stayed on such a high level of prosperity through much of their existance. They way they achieve this is by treating their family members as "Co-workers" as well. This gets everyone on a level of self-Improvement, as well as giving them a want to try and strive for the improvemnt of their family name, or "company". If any given task hurts relations with another faction, or directly hurts the family name, it is scrapped altogether, or assist is given to help regulate the problem to ensure their name is not sullied.

The Blackblood history stretches almost as far back as that of the Sith itself, and seeing the massive roles that the Blackbloods played in the unification of the Sith, and the species that follow its path, they will more than likely not be going anywhere for some time. However, the Blackbloods have not always served as a diplomatic force in the Sith, nor a purely power-hungry family either. It is ancient tradition for any male of a Blackblood descent to have a total of 3 children. The most powerful of the three (Or the Sovereign) Will always serve to protect the interests of the Sith and his/her family. Next come the 2nd most powerful (Or the Primal) They will always server as a diplomatic role, and integrate into any faction that the Blackbloods think will bring them the most power at the time. Lastly, the least powerful of the three (or the Unamiable) will always serve the Allfather for his/her life.

The Allfather is an ancient Sith of Blackblood descent. He has been alive for almost 2,500 years, and commands the Blackblood family line to further glory. The Allfather goes by the name Vakel Lakeb. The earliest known records of the Allfather stretch back 2,400 years. They included the inauguration of Vakel into the Sith, and the actions leading up to his acceptance, most of which were, and still are massively important to the growth of the Sith. Vakel was the first Sith to ever indocrinate a Zabrak into Sith ranks, Today, the Zabrak make up a massive amount of the Sith and Empires ranks alike.

The current generation of Blackbloods is comprised three male Sith. Ultek is the youngest of the three, and is also the least powerful, and therefor, he serves the Allfather untill his dying breath. Abaron is the second youngest, and was granted the title of Primal, after a narrow defeat by his older brother. Abaron currently resides on Korriban, conducting business on behalf of the Sith. The Sovereign of this generation is Hronmir. Hronmir currently resides on Taris, training his new apprentice.

Hronmirs Uprising
Hronmir made it quickly apparent that his fluency in the force easily surpassed that of his siblings. Hronmir was experiencing mental images of the Dark Side as early as age 6. Special measures were taken to see to it that Hronmirs potential was not wasted, he began training in the Sith arts (Both Physically and Diplomatically) to ensure he could learn as much as he could before being shipped off to Korriban for his formal training. During a training exercise with his siblings, Hronmir experienced a sensation that had never gripped him as much as it did that day, what he experienced was the Allfather seeding his mind with power, and knowledge, ensuring that should anything happen to him, Hronmir would be worth, and capable enough to lead his family for future generations.

When Hronmir reached the age of 13, he was sent to Korriban for formal training, and to seek the guidance of a Lord. Upon arriving he had already made several enemies, none would last against him, even at such a young age. When the standard 1 years of basic knowledge testing was over, Hronmir was among 5 total student that surpassed the expected, the 5 were as follows: Ullo'Ga, Vemrin, Hronmir, Pharras, and Cathius. They were all vying for the same Lord, Lord Baras, so Hronmir was forced to excel, for parish. His moment to prove himself came when Lord Baras was setting up duels for his students, to see who was the most physically adept. The 2 students to make it to the final round were Hronmir, and Vemrin, who were arch-enemies at the time. Eager to show Lord Baras what he was capable of, Hronmir was planning on using The Force in this duel (Something the students weren't taught at that time). When Lord Baras signaled the start of the duel, Hronmir unleased an immensely powerful Force Shockwave that slammed Vemrin into the wall, shattering in the formation of his body, and instantly killing the 15yr old acolyte. On that day, Hronmir had won over Lord Baras, and served as his apprentice for the years to come.

Hronmir learned (and gained) much from his apprenticeship to Lord Baras, however he felt as if his training wasn't going at the pace his desired to to be. He began to grow impatient with Lord Baras, who eventually succumbed to his Apprentices ambitions, hoping he would get severely injured, and so teach him a lesson in patience. However, no matter the task that Baras sent him on, he did so, without any problem whatsoever, Baras was impressed once more. Ready, and willing to send Hronmir on missions to increase both of their power, he send Hronmir to multiple planets, to kill and capture many Jedi Masters. During his expeditions, he began to form alliances with certain people, and groups. Some of which are as simple from a band of Mercenaries, to the more impactful groups such as House Ulgo of Alderaan, and the Mandalorian Clan Varad. Every planet had some Jedi master of importance located on the surface, Hoth had Grath Korian, Balmorra had Jasa Vill, and on Hutta resided Noman Car... Noman Car, the sworn enemy of Lord Baras, and his former apprentice abandoned him, and went to the Jedi Counsel, to seek retribution. They have been at each-others throats for nearly five decades. It was time to act. Hronmir stormed his compound. on Hutta, and realized Noman Car had a Padawan, this wasn't any Padawan, she was the most sought after padawan because of her ability to sense peoples true intentions without physical, or social intervention. Hronmir and Car fought, while the barely trained Padawan couldn't help but watch he master cut in two by Hronmir. When the fight ended, the padawan stood shocked, not because of what happnened, but because of what she was taught, he master always spoke of the Light being superior, and when Hronmir won, she thought that all she was taught were all lies... Suddenly Hronmir had his own apprentice...

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12.23.2015 , 02:28 AM | #204
Species/Race: Human (Cyborg)
First Name: Khorie
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Lascaille
Nickname: N/A
Military Rank (Republic): Commander
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 35 BTC
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Age: 42
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 177lbs
Hair Color/Style: N/A, Bald
Facial Appearance: Aged Well. Rough from years of cuts and toughening.
Injuries: A series of burn scars runs up the left side of her face, scarring over her left cheek and above her eye. One could presume this is the injury that claimed her left eye's vision.
Cybernetics: Installed over the injured eye is a cybernetic patch, covering the gruesome remains of her left eye. A frame circles around her eye socket, and over her eyebrow.
Eye Color: Left Eye: N/A; Right Eye: Brown-Yellow
Body Appearance: Stocky and muscular; tempered like steel through years of fighting and combat.
Home Planet: Coruscant
Current Residence: Aboard her vessel, a BT-7 Thunderclap model: 'Pultimo.'
Allegiance: Republic Sympathizer
Profession: Republic Trooper; Commander
Armor/Clothes: Augmented Standard Issue Republic Trooper Armour
Primary Weapon(s): DC-15 Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): DC-15s Blaster Sidearm
Miscellaneous Item(s): Thermal Detonators, Holocommunicator, Trooper Field Kit, etc.
Previous Units (Serving): Several Squads, transferred in and out of units on different planets, rebased numerous times.
Previous Units (Leading): Commanded the defense of several worlds, securing the Republic's yoke on foreign planets. Led one offense

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01.01.2016 , 10:05 PM | #205
Species/Race: Mirialan
Name: Pikula
Middle Name: Charmaine
Last Name: Chin
Nickname: Pika
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: November 5th
Place of Birth: Mirial
Age: 25
Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Sometimes long, sometimes short, but always Black hair
Facial Appearance: She has Asian facial features with small nose and small mouth, and tiny eyes.
Eye Color: Green
Body Appearance: Slim
Home Planet: Mirial
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: Republic
Profession: Entertainer/Dancer
Armor/Clothes: Entertainer/Dancer clothes
Primary Weapon(s): One one-handed Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): N/A
Miscellaneous Item(s): She has a monroe mole above her upper lips, and a birthmark on her buttcheek.

Okay, I'm going to do the BEST I can, but it may not be promising because I don't exactly have a perfect story created in my mind yet, so bare with me.

Pikula Charmaine Chin is born in Mirial to Mirialan parents. She is a full-blooded Mirialan. She is female and right now at the moment, 25 years old. Pikula has two older sisters named Kerrigaen and Kaeah. They're both married and have very good jobs. Kerrigaen is a 48 yo medical doctor and Kaeah is a 43 yo pilot mechanic for the Republic. Pikula was born with midi-chlorians in her body and is born force-sensitive like her father, but her father knows the Dark side of the Force and is a Sith Lord. Her father wanted to send Pikula to Dromund Kaas to be trained as a Sith, but her mother forbidded it and took her 3 children into hiding away from her husband, hoping to never be found. She has decided to send Pikula to Tython, where she remains currently, to learn the ways of the Force, but not as Sith, as a Jedi. Her mother is very proud of her.

Ebon Hawk Pikula character
Her Ebon Hawk character is a Human female with Asian facial features, and short straight black hair. Her mother was ashamed of her for quitting the Jedi ways and traveling to Dromund Kaas so she can follow her father's footsteps. Her father died during a duel against a powerful Jedi Master named Natalie Winst. She absolutely hates her guts and seek to avenge her father's death. Pikula is sad that her mother banished her from her home Mirial to be with her only family, but she got married to a nice human man named Devin Lebost to try to please her mother. It did not work out because her husband Devin was abusive and she incidentially ended up killing him, but before she does, they had a child together. She neglected this child and left him to her mother. He was force-sensitive as well. Pikula's mother sent her only son to Tython to be trained a Jedi, and this hurt Pikula very much. Her son is 6 years old now. Pikula continues to fight against the Republic and search for Jedi Master Natalie Winst, but she is merely a lowly acolyte and does not have a Master to train her in the ways of the Dark side of the Force. So, she is seeking a new master. She wanders from place to place, especially the fleet, in the cantina, drinking her whiskey, entertaining everyone who is willing to pay her for her time, including dancing. This is one of the ways she gets her credits to pay for her drinks? Another way, she steals, lies, and beat up people on the streets. However, sometimes, the people fight back and beat her up from time-to-time for stealing in the first place and giving pay back. This is her life until she find a master.

Begeren Colony Pikula character
Pikula Charmaine Chin is learning the ways of the Force as a Jedi and hopes to become someone's Padawan soon, but it looks like she will be Orgus Din is gonna be her new master. She still remains in Tython doing the Jedi trials in order to become Orgus Din's Padawan. In her spare time, she likes to hang out in the cantina with her friends, and entertain the people by either dancing or what not. This is how she earns her credits to buy herself drinks, which she does a lot. She is looking for friends to hang out with and to talk to.

The End.

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01.10.2016 , 09:36 PM | #206
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Place of Birth:
5' 11''
Current Residence:
Dromund Kaas

Eldaesha was stolen from her family at a very young age and trained as a fighter raised on Tatooine her owners saw her natural talent with a blade and refusal to step in line as a major threat so they decided to dispose of Eldaesha. During a routine run across the dunes Eldaesha was being followed by a bounty hunter order to dispose of her, even at such the young age of seven Eldaesha bested her assassin and deserted her owners. For years she eluded intelligent life travelling the planet with the sand people.

At the age of ten Eldaesha came across two Jedi Knights who all though trying to stay hidden could sense her presence, while her timid nature caused a lot of trust issues with the unknown strangers something inside Eldaesha was telling her these people were good. The two Knights needed help they were following a Sith Lord and had lost his trail in the valleys, Eldaesha knew the valleys more then any other being on the planet so escorted the two on with their mission.

Eldaesha had shown signs of force sensitivity to the Knights and was taken from Tatooine to Tython to be trained as a Jedi, Eldaesha trained in all aspects of the force and advanced her ranks very quickly. Proving herself as a highly skilled Jedi and starfighter Pilot she was instrumental to republic and eventually gained the rank of Jedi Master. After years of war Eldaesha's mind had become corrupted by the dark side and she eventually went insane killing all her crew and fleeing the republic's hold on her.

After many years Eldaesha lost all her memory and her earliest memory is as a slave to the sith at thirty years old. Eldaesha spent 5 years a sith slave until eventually being chosen as an acolyte, during her training as a sith muscle memory started to return and so she excelled at all her trials besting her competition and winning the side of Lord Nash who took Eldaesha as her apprentice.

Eldaesha is currently serving the newly appointed Darth Nash and with each passing day her memory of the force is returning becoming more and more powerful until she has the power to kill her master and seize power for herself, or so she hopes.

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04.09.2016 , 11:17 PM | #207

Name: Jahen (Jah-Hen)

Middle Name:

Last Name:Akatar



Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:Kashyyyk




Hair Color/Style: Dark chocolate, cut about 1.6 inches. (Not exact)

Facial Appearance:Average built face with a long scar down his right eye and lightly tanned skin.

Eye Color:Stormy blue/gray

Body Appearance:Thin and wiry, often appearing unthreatening

Home Planet:Kashyyyk

Current Residence:Kashyyyk/ His starship the Forest Moon

Allegiance: The Wookiees primarily, the Republic secondary.

Profession: Grey Jedi.

Armor/Clothes: Brown grey cloth pants, Dark grey cloth shirt, dark brown cloak with hood, durasteel gauntlets wrapped in dark brown cloth, durasteel boots wrapped in dark brown cloth.

Primary Weapon(s): A simple aqua bladed lightsaber. Skilled in forms V and VI, Aquedate in form III and has a basic understanding of form I

Secondary Weapons(s):Force Telekinesis, Force Lightning, Force Choke, Force Heal, Force Body, Force Senses.

Miscellaneous Items(s): A carved wooden amulet he wears around his neck, Holocom, Tool Belt with various useful items.

Personality: Initially a happy bouncy curious little boy, Jahen became very quiet and sad later in his life talking very little and often spending alot of time researching and tinkering. Speaks Common and understands Shyriiwook.

Biography: Born to a couple of refugees from the war on Kashyyyk, in a wooden house built by the family's neighbor wookiee family. Jahen grew up with the son of their neighbors, Kychi, both of them playing around and getting into trouble often for things like putting bucketloads of dirt under the blankets of Jahen's dad's bed. They eventually discovered a large tree close to both of their houses and built a hideout up there where they would play without being scolded. One day Jahen was found by his parents throwing a ball and then pulling it back to him with the Force. His parents were terrified that the Jedi would find him and draft him into the war they had escaped. They told him not to do that anymore and would hide him in a secret room everytime offworlders visited them. when he was 10 years old a Wookiee Jedi came to visit his brother, who was the father of his friend Kychi. they were catching up on events when the Jedi, called Ffobak, sensed someone with force potential and asked his brother about the other locals. Kychi piped up and told him about their friends, Jahen and his parents and Ffobak went to visit them. Jahen by this point had gotten bored of his secret room and unlocked it using the force, climbing out of it and seeing the newcomer. Ffobak told Jahen about his potential, and despite his parents attempting to persuade him out of going, he decided to go with one condition, that the Wookiee Jedi be his master. Ffobak agreed and they planned to leave for Tython the next day. After saying goodbye to his parents and packing his things, Kychi ran up to him while he was walking into the ship, and gave him a handcrafted wooden amulet with a carving of their treehouse. Jahen then hugged his friend and left with Ffobak.

When they arrived at the Jedi Temple on Tython, Ffobak introduced Jahen to the Jedi Council and asked that he be allowed to train him. After some discussion based around whether he was too old to be trained, the Council agreed to let him be trained as a Jedi. The first thing Ffobak did was test exactly how skilled he already was. He determined that his new Padawan only knew instinctual use of the Force as he was unable to use it when told to. Jahen was then handed a training saber and was invited to duel his master. Able to suprise Ffobak by attempting to hit him in the foot, Jahen was quickly beaten back and disarmed by his Master's skill in Form V. Jahen's new Master then took him to where he would be staying and told him to get some sleep. The next morning Jahen put on the new Padawan robes by his bunk and was instructed by his master to put on the padawan braid next to the outfit. He was taken out into the training yard and Ffobak began to instruct him in Form I.

A couple of years later Jahen had become more skilled in form VI than all the others, liking its balanced style. Still using his training saber he won his first practice duel against another Padawan. The fight went like many others at first, a stalemate then Jahen being beaten back, but he when he was on his back he used to force to shove the other padawan back and pull the training saber out of his opponent's hands. For the rest of the day he was a lot happier and more exited than he had previously been, having won his first duel ever. His master then asked him a philosophical question about a Jedi's lightsaber, and was told to meditate on it and answer later. The next day Jahen went to his master and told him his answer which Ffobak found sastisfactory. His master then told him to go into the crystal caves and find a saber crystal. Spending hours in the cave he finally found a rock with 2 shards, one blue and one green. Going back to his master he showed him the shards, Ffobak gave him a bunch of supplies and told him to go meditate and create his lightsaber. Jahen sat in the forest for a full hour before coming up with the idea to meld his 2 shards into a full crystal. He then spent 2 days fusing the crystals together with the force, and another week crafting his rather simplistic saber. Returning to the Jedi temple he showed his master his new lightsaber and then ignited the aqua blade, proceeding to cut a training dummy in half with it before sleeping for 3 days straight.

4 years later Jahen underwent the Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight, going on missions with his former master to stop gangs and other simple missions, often acting as a translator for Ffobak. when he was 17 he saw his first sith, a vicious Zabrak Marauder. Both he and his master fought against the skilled Sith, until the Zabrak slipped past his defenses and gave him a scar down his right eye, and killed his master by stabbing him in the gut. Shocked by his master dying, Jahen slashed the Zabrak's feet off and then stabbed him through the back. Disappearing for years, Jahen discovered a sith holocron and learned of the sith way, though he had no desire to become a sith, he practiced several dark side abilities, like Force Lightning and Force Choke, believing that the abilities were not evil themselves, but that the way sith used them was evil. When he showed up again, Jahen had become more powerful in the Force, going into self-imposed exile with his starship the Forest Moon to Kashyyyk, leaving the Jedi order and staying at Kashyyyk until the new war against the Sith Empire.

This is the first character bio ive ever done, so there is likely going to be some mistakes, pls say if there's something you either liked or disliked. Thanks!

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Species/Race: Human
Name: Hannah
Middle Name: Shu'tar
Last Name: Okarr
Nickname: Hanie
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Nar Shadaa
Age: 31
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color/Style: Purple / Short
Facial Appearance: Thin, light cosmetics, small scar under her left eye.
Eye Color: Green
Body Appearance: Average / Athletic
Home Planet: Nar Shadaa
Current Residence: N/A
Allegiance: Credits
Profession: Illicit Cargo Transportation / Slicing
Armor/Clothes: Brown-and-green coat with several hidden pockets, belt with small but advanced data spike with integrated neural implant
Primary Weapon(s): Heavily Modified WESTAR-24 Bolt Pistols with SMART-tracking aim adjustor and adjustable hue projection light assembly.
Secondary Weapon(s): Heavily Modified WESTAR-24 Bolt Pistol with retracting energy bayonet and manual overload switch settings.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Neural-Visual implant link to WESTAR blasters, adjusting shot accuracy to align with visual targeting.

Daughter of legendary Smuggler Nico Okarr, Hannah Okarr followed her father faithfully across the galaxy on his many exploits. While her mother died at child birth, her father took the time to raise her as both his daughter, his side kick, his trusted assistant, and eventually, his heir. When the two traveled with their close droid friend T7-01 to the abandoned Sith homeworld of Korriban, the two were surprised by Republic forces as they were departing with artifacts from the dusty, harsh planet.

Hanie hidout inside her father's ship as he negotiated with their captors, but the results didn't look good. Nico resigned himself to returning the artifacts as long as he could keep his ship, but Jedi Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach could sense there was more to his request than just the ship and so intended on releasing the smuggler with a stern warning.

Nico continued to attempt to talk his way out of the situation while still in electrocuffs as he was escorted towards his ship by the Jedi and his padawan, a young Jedi Consular named Satele Shan. As they paced down a hallway, Satele -- an adept in Force visions -- sensed the encroaching and inevitable return of the Sith Empire moments before they dropped out of hyperspace and began attacking the spaceport they were on. Together with decorated Republic Special Forces commander Jace Malcom, Nico and the two Jedi hurried towards his ship, as it was the only ship that could outrun the assault fighters.

As they approached the ship, Malcom's squad was ambushed by an explosive breach and several members were killed instantly. Nico, not typically one to face overwhelming odds, knew that if he did not stop their attack, his daughter would be in danger. In an act of heroism, Nico single-handedly stopped an Imperial boarding party long enough for Malcom to begin a counter offensive using a high process auto cannon.

As the Jedi fought off a Darth Vindican and his apprentice Malgus, Malcom, Nico, Hanie, and T7-01 prepped the ship for takeoff. In an act of final heroism, Master Kao Cen Darach sacrificed himself to buy a fleeing Satele and company the time they needed to escape, thus warning the Republic of the Sith Empire's return.

Following the events of Korriban, Nico knew that he needed to think of his daughter's safety more thoroughly than he had been, and used the Republic reward money to shed many of his debts. For nearly 10 years, Nico remained relatively unheard from, his legend the only whispers across the galactic underworld.

Several years before the Great Galactic War, Nico at last gifted his famed ship to his daughter and resigned himself to performing tasks for the SIS and Republic Freelancer Guilds. Hanie, still very much in love with the Smuggler lifestyle, continued in her Father's former footsteps, traveling far and wide to expand her father's already legendary status and to augment it with her own name. As she became more and more known, word of her Father's mounting debts reached her, and she began taking on more and more dangerous smuggling missions to help him.

Eventually, Nico went missing. Some say he did so to spare his daughter the burden of his debts, while others maintain he was finally found by the more infamous of his debtors. Now in her late 20s, Hanie has mad somewhat of a name for herself in the galactic underworld, always being sure to pay her debts and never letting the Okarr name fall under negative scrutiny.

OOC Information:
Playing through the Smuggler Storyline with this premise, the entire motive of the story changes. Instead of arbitrarily performing these actions, they're instead performed with the pride, history, and complicated backstory of being the daughter of the Infamous Smuggler.

After Chapter 1, the Nico and Hanie meet up in special scenarios, one helping the other alternatingly until chapter 3 begins and the two go their separate ways for a time. At the start of Knights of the Fallen Empire, Nico learns of Hanie's deep involvement with the Revanites and of the Sith Emperor. Concerned for her safety, he tries to track her down.

Unfortunately, he is too late and word of the destruction of Darth Marr's ship with Hanie aboard devastates the smuggler. Heartbroken, grief-stricken, and perhaps even in denial, Nico spends the next 5 years engaging with the Zakuulan underworld until at last he learns of Hanie's resurface. Determined to never let her out of his sight again, he finds her through his good friend Hylo Viz. At first, he attempts to talk her out of her quest, but when he realizes just how important her victory is, and just how determined she is to finish it, he resolves himself to help her however he can.

Ever Since, Nico and Hanie have been inseparable, just as they were when she was a child. Nico operates their mutual ship when Hanie performs her tasks using the Gravestone, and refuses to sit on the sidelines during the bold missions Hanie volunteers herself for. Together, they will bring the fight to Arcann and maybe when its all said and done, they can finally relax.
"The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came. Therefore must the soul deceive, despise and murder men." A.J.Durai

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09.19.2016 , 03:55 AM | #209
please note that this is my first role play character for this theme,

and should anyone wish to have my character involved in an rp please send me a pm with a link for easy finding.

Species/Race: Human
Name: Speirr
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4 BTC
Place of Birth: Drommund Kaas
Age: 25
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Hair Color/Style: Black and straight, has some strands dangling into his left eye
Facial Appearance: narrow face with a slight hawk nose, very pale a scar running through his right eye a gift from his father
Eye Color: red
Body Appearance: fit, athletic
Home Planet: Drommund Kaas
Current Residence: a cave on corellia
Allegiance: Sith order
Profession: Sith warrior
Armor/Clothes: red on black dura-plate with long hooded black cloak over the top, hood is always up even when fighting
Primary Weapon(s): dual light sabers, black with red outlining
Secondary Weapon(s): the force
Miscellaneous Item(s): and old vibro knife, concealed on his person

From a very young age Speirr learnt the hard way of what life was like in the empire, his father was a man who took pleasure and delight in constantly testing his son and punishing his failures.
When speirr got taken off to the sith academy on Korriban he excelled in his classes, mastering light-saber combat within a few months he was picked as an apprentice by a visiting dark council member and granted his first light-saber. Since then he has constantly exceeded his master's expectations quickly being granted a title of Sith Lord.

Upon a visit back home to see his family, his father beat and murdered his mother in front of him, before turning on Speirr and cutting his eye with a knife, the young sith lord then killed his father in revenge and upon looking at the body of his mother swore to never let his emotions control his actions beyond what was needed, it is because of this promise that he has often released captured prisoners and left innocents alive even when ordered to kill everyone, speirr has even had occasion to join forces with Jedi in order to survive situations and even parted on good terms with them.

When his master was killed during a jedi raid on his fortress, Speirr was given his freedom to choose his own fate and has since been using it to meditate in order to gain better mastery of the force and become even more powerful, often speirr has had to turn his blade upon both republic and imperials alike when they intrude upon his meditations, he has surrounded his residence in a well of dark side energy in the hopes of causing all jedi and sith to steer clear so as not to be disturbed.
Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

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10.01.2016 , 03:25 PM | #210
Species/Race: Human
First name: Radagorn
Middle name: Korris
Last name: Montificus
Code name: Wildcard
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 916 BTC; 4569 BBY
Place of Birth: Aurcania City, Arkonen, the Cronus system, in the North Maze constellation.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 142 lbs. (without his equipment) 181 lbs. (with his equipment)
Hair Color/Style: Dark brown, somewhat spiky, medium length.
Facial Hair: A beard similar to that of Nico Okarr and other famous smugglers.
Facial Scarring: Just below the left eye, and just above the right (one scar, not two).
Skin Color: Caucasian (if I can say that without being racist).
Alignment: Gray.
Eye color: Dark yellow.
Body appearance: Average, thin.
Homeworld: Arkonen.
Current residence: His starship, the "Ace of Spades".
Hideouts: Rax Kn'isk's sandcrawler (on Tatooine), another on Sullust (he is an ally of Sullust and is sponsored by Sullust).
Allegiance: Independent
Profession: Transportation of cargo, hotshot freighter pilot, and computer engineer. Former heir of Arkonen.
Company: "Montificus Enterprises.", or M.E. mostly because he can say that he works for M.E., and his monkey-lizard "Douglas"'s face is the symbol of the company and the company's mascot.
Enemies: Various gangs on Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, Tatooine, as well as the Hutt Cartel which placed a 7-million credit bounty on his head, and the mandalorians whom have been hunting him for the last seven years after he promised to deliver supplies to the mandalorian armies; even going as far as shaking Mandalore's hand to imply that they had a deal, and, naturally, the fact that he had lied to Mandalore himself REALLY pissed of the mandalorians.
Pets: A Kowakian monkey-lizard with dark-gray fur, named "Douglas" .
Awards: Radagorn won the "Underworld's Best Dressed" award three years in a row for his style.
Natural Abilities: Near-perfect vision, fast reflexes, extreme wit, although he cannot dance well at all.
Quirks: He is very distrustful of mirialans, although other than that he is fine with non-human species. He almost never listens to figures of authority unless they are himself. Due to watching his home planet being blown up he has gone a tad crazy, although it's kind of challenging to notice the craziness but it is there.
Religion: None.
Quotes: "Telling me the odds just motivates me further!", "Wahooo! I love this job!", "Don't worry, this won't hurt, you have my word as a liar.", "I love blaster fire, I like the 'whooshing' sound it makes as it flies by."
Known Centers of Activity: Tatooine's Dune Sea, Sullust, various cantinas on Nar Shaddaa, the spaceport "Thieves' Den" which is a well known underworld port owned and operated by a man that idolizes Captain Radagorn Montificus.
Armor/Clothes: A dark-brown hat and mask that covers all of his face save for his eyes, he wears black engineer's goggles that can scan for thermal energy, electrical energy, radiation, allow him to see in the dark, and let him watch TV. He is equipped with a dark-brown trench coat with 3 knives, 2 hold-out blasters, 5 thermal detonators, and a flare gun strapped to him. His boots are upgraded and outfitted with rockets that can propel him up approx. one foot into the air and can be used for quick transportation, they also have ammunition and a hunting knife strapped to them, they are painted dark brown and silver. His pants are outfitted with state-of-the-art tech and are painted dark brown. On his right gauntlet is a small computer that connects to the super-computer onboard his ship which constantly changes frequency to avoid frequency jamming, this allows him to pilot his ship completely remotely. He also utilizes a device that allows him to mimic the voices of others into communications networks. He stores his "voice mimicker", flare gun, knives, holdout blasters, a remote hacking device, holocom, datapad, a welder, a medal of Royal Honor, and a set of lucky red dice in the inside pockets of his trench coat with blaster holsters at his sides. The five thermal detonators are strapped to a bandoleer across his chest.

Primary weapon(s): his twin heavy blaster pistols, "Aurcania" and "Arrok" named after the first two cities built on Arkonen, the blasters were highly modified and upgraded by Radagorn
Secondary weapon(s): A medium hunting knife strapped to his shin that he calls "Phil"
Miscellaneous item(s): An authentic Arkonen Medal of Royal Honor given to him at birth, which certified that he was a member of Arkonen's royal family that he has on his person constantly. A holocommunicator, a datapad, a welder, and a set of lucky dice.

Prince Radagorn Montificus was the son of King Thadagorn Montificus and brother of his slightly older twin brother Prince (later King) Xarragorn Montificus, he was born 916 years before the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, on an obscure planet in the Unknown Regions known only as "Arkonen", a planet that was almost conquered by the Infinite Empire of the Rakata. Just after his birth Radagorn has gifted an Arcronus style astromech droid designated M9-T6. Radagorn's ancestor, Karos Montificus stopped the rakata in their tracks; the people of Arkonen soon made him their king becoming the first king of Arkonen, later the Rakata attempted to conquer Arkonen once more this time Arkonen was ravaged but wasn't conquered; their war temporarily ended with Arkonen's promise to locate Karos and bring him before the rakata for execution. When Karos went into exile the native people that lived near the mountain Karos had chosen to stay in called force users "wizards", so they began calling the mountain wizard "Montificus" which meant "mountain wizard" which was how his family got their last name. Later a Rakatan alchemist cursed Karos and all of his descendants to live for four-thousand standard years so that they would all outlive everyone they ever bothered to care about, another one of the side-effects of this curse was that his and his descendants' eyes would glow yellow (this is only in here to explain Radagorn's unnatural longevity).

Centuries later during the reign of King Thadagorn others would come to conquer Arkonen, at first it seemed as if it would be an easy victory for the enemy, until, that is, that Xarragorn would locate King Karos' ancient crashed starship "Ace of Spades" which had been built out of Arkonen technology and upgraded with remnants of rakata warships. Using "Ace of Spades" Thadagorn, Xarragorn, and Radagorn pushed back the invaders and gave Arkonen's navy time to recover (this war took place from 400 BTC to 500 BTC and became known as the Arcronus Century War). At the end of the war the militaries of both parties involved in the war were fighting on Arkonen, and after a decade of meditation Xarragorn (whom had a stronger connection to the force than both his father and his brother combined) discovered that his ancestor had set in place a fail-safe system that, when activated, destroyed the entire planet, Xarragorn told Radagorn and Thadagorn what and where it was, together they decided that it finally needed to be used, and at the same time they all pressed the button that activated the system which ended the war by killing off the 12.8 billion populace of Arkonen and the 7 billion aggressors on the planet's surface. The three of them evacuated Arkonen slightly before the death of the planet, the trio became smugglers attempting to become rich and purchase the most powerful weapons in the galaxy to commit genocide against the aggressors once and for all. Eventually Thadagorn would be fatally shot in the back by a mirialan that had eight fingers on his left hand, this left Xarragorn in command of the "Ace of Spades" and head of their smuggling operations. Decades later Xarragorn would be captured by the Sith Empire and was tortured for two years eventually becoming a lord of the sith, taking the name "Xallorius" which translates to "vengeance" in the native language of the people of Arkonen (which is called Arcron), they all spent decades building up credits in order to eventually by weaponry to defeat the aggressors that warred against them once and for all.
During a supply run to Kashyyyk Radagorn encountered a wookie warrior and engineer, Radagorn would eventually save the life of this wookie (during his daring supply run) whom was known as "Rrowkyn". Rrowkyn then swore a life debt to Radagorn and continued to work with Radagorn as his partner-in-crime and the first mate of his ship, the Ace of Spades. The wookie became a close friend of Radagorn, Radagorn nicknamed his new hairy ally "Rrowie". Radagorn first found Rrowkyn when the wookie was 74 years old and the two have been working with each other for the last 39 galactic standard years and during that duration their bond (... James Bond) has become stronger and stronger over time. Radagorn outfitted the wookie with thermal goggles, a supply pack, a sheath and sword across the wookie's back, a wookie engineer's uniform, a holdout blaster pistol, a rocket launcher, and a custom-made bowcaster. The wookie stands at 7' 3" tall, with grey eyes, and dark brown hair. Rrowkyn first worked as a technician on Kashyyyk repairing ships, weapons, and computers eventually the wookie became a gladiator on Kashyyyk which is where Rrowkyn learned how to be a technician and a warrior.

On one of Radagorn's adventures to Tatooine he visited a local droid shop and purchased a maintenance/labor/combat droid designated KX-63 at a 20% discount costing a measly 10,000 credits, Radagorn has upgraded the droid significantly since he originally purchased it on Tatooine and it has become a great asset to his crew.
Radagorn became a celebrity in the Galactic Underworld for his reputation for delivering the goods (this did not always apply). Eventually a former member of his crew that had become a mandalorian bounty hunter after discovering his mandalorian heritage found once again to take vengeance Radagorn. He had started his hunt for Radagorn mostly to settle a grudge and partially because of the 7-million credit bounty as well as the numerous other bounties. He became known as Radagorn's nemesis for constantly attempting to kill the Captain and his crew in the process. This mandalorian was called "Xarrius", he hunted (and still hunts) Radagorn mercilessly. Another reason that Xarrius hunted Radagorn was for vengeance since it was Xarrius whom had first found Rax Kn'isk (Radagorn's current engineer) on Tatooine and hired him as his first mate, they worked as partners-in-crime until Radagorn convinced Rax to change sides and join him. During one of Xarrius' attempts to kill Radagorn he scarred him by running a vibroknife across the face. One of Radagorn's trademark flying tactics is hiding on the back of large objects such as asteroids, and ships themselves.
Radagorn's crew:
Captain: Radagorn (human)
First Mate(s): Rrowkyn
Second Mate(s): Rax Kn'isk
Pilot(s): Radagorn, Rrowkyn
Co-pilot(s): Rrowkyn (wookie engineer/warrior)
Gunner(s): KX-63 (maintenance/labor droid)
Engineer(s): Rax Kn'isk (jawa hyperdrive engineer, and slicer)
Navigator(s): M9-T6 (Arcronus astromech droid)
Ace of Spades Design Schematics: The ship is equipped with a class 0.7 hyperdrive making it an incredibly fast ship and a backup hyperdrive, it has a total of 5 engines the central primary engine also doubles as an escape pod. The primary engines are 20 by 15 feet the secondary engines are 5 by 3 feet, their are dozens of pieces of jamming equipment that allow it to simply be invisible to almost all radar systems plus a bad-*** looking satellite dish on the roof above where the crew's lounge is. Its cockpit was in the shape of a rectangular prism in the middle of the ship with four high padded swivel chairs that lock into front facing position when entering hyperspace and there are 'pincers' at the front similar to C.E.C. YT models. The cargo hold takes up almost the entire rear half of the ship. Aboard the ship there are dozens of hidden smuggling compartments. It has two central turrets on top of and on the bottom of the ship; as well as several homing and proton missiles on board. The entire ship was painted dark orange and medium gray. There's a crew's lounge adjacent to the bridge entrance and beside the med-bay. The lounge has a 150 inch television with pay-per-view, a large sofa, a pazaak table, as well as a large computer system capable of calculating the orbit a decaying planet around a star about to supernova in the span of five seconds and is known to be un-hackable. The crew's and captain's quarters are across from each other. Each crew member has a personal storage locker that only they can access. On the opposite end of the ship from the crew's lounge is the kitchen located next to which is the bathroom. The shield systems are highly advanced and quite rare. The ship's boarding ramp was located on the right side of the ship and had enough space to fit massive amounts of cargo through it at one time, thanks to all these features, many of which were added on by Radagorn and the previous captains of Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades became an incredibly famous starship, almost as famous as her captains, and the ship was known throughout the Outer Rim and feared by several crime lords. The starship has space for one pilot, one co-pilot, two gunners, twelve prisoners, and fifteen passengers, as well as that the ship has a cargo capacity of 200 metric tonnes of cargo. The ship is powered by solar energy, and a whole lot of it, as well as high-capacity batteries. Within the cargo hold, at all times, are 6-8 Quantum Interface Bombs (if you know what the Quantum Interface Bomb is from then hats off to you.)
"The force will be with you, always." --Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
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