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Not worth crafting apparently

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Not worth crafting apparently

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04.02.2020 , 08:55 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Drew_Braxton View Post
You obviously only do story content or are too ignorant to know any better.
Void Singer is the last person who should be called uninformed about crafting.
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04.03.2020 , 11:10 PM | #32
if you could craft a specific mod/enhancement instead of basic ones it would be tons better. I would rather spend 8m for my last enhancement that i need rather then spend a 100k tech frags hunting it. But yea just sell mats, crafting is pretty much pointless as is. Less hassle and you make almost as much $.

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04.04.2020 , 09:57 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogozhi View Post
Sure the gear itself is equal on power to what you get elsewhere, but people are also factoring in the time and credits to obtain the gear. Crafting just isn't viable for new or returning players. After two months of playing and crafting augments I'm just hitting 100 million credits. 30 times that amount to craft end game gear is just crazy when a single hammer station run can drop six or more items.

The fact is the developers made bad design choices when it comes to crafting that make the gear you can obtain there much worse than what you can get elsewhere. If you're an established player with the capital to invest, sure, it's going to be profitable and can likely be your main source of gearing. But for the rest of us crafting is only useful for arguments, pots, and augment kits.
This is me, right here. ^

Never was poor, in fact usually did better than most credit-wise before 5.0. Well, I just got back to the game after that break with about 150 million credits... And it goes so fast.

I worked my crafters up from 600 to 700, then started to look at the mat requirements it is absurd.

I just had to be honest about it, and realized running Vet Mode Hammer Stations in a group was more efficient than doing it any other way, meaning getting gears.

Yes, it's an immense PITA dealing with the RNG of 20 different types of useless mods potentially dropping, but, when considered next to spending BILLIONS of credits on schematics etc., which most people can't afford to do anyway... Well, there's one option here. Hammer Station Spam.

I even find augments ridiculous I don't see why they had to make crafting so overwhelmingly convoluted and complex, btw.

***Does the tedious activity of crafting really need to have combination mats that themselves need combination mats to craft?

My god the tediousness of crafting now is just stupid on top of being absurdly expensive making it rendered completely useless for 99% of the population.

So it's broken. When only a minuscule part of the population are capable of enjoying such a normally widespread activity as crafting on a MMO, it's broke!

Another big thing that needs to be fixed. Crafting.
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04.07.2020 , 02:14 PM | #34
I did a spreadsheet to help me calculate augment costs if I were to buy some or all of the mats. It takes 468 T1 mats, 234 T2 mats, and 96 T3 mats to make a single augment. It's typically not profitable to buy mats from the GTN since they cost 5k or my e each more often than not. Since you pretty much have to buy solid resource matrix (since embers can be produced from grade 11 mission), you'd have to rely entirely on crits for profit.

Having to craft up the tiers is tedious and ultimately to "play" crafting you need multiple toons. The only saving grace to the system is it blocks out potential competition because most people won't bother!