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Duo coming back...need major advice

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Duo coming back...need major advice

Tricare's Avatar

10.13.2018 , 09:56 AM | #1

So i am in a MMO rut and have been bouncing around a lot. Did some inner soul searching and ended up here! One of the main reasons is the 8/16 man operations (raids). My second best raiding experience was 10 man heroic content in WoW. (During WOTLK). Not comparing the two because I can't but my end goal is to play in a guild that does at-least 8 man content (hardmode style). With that said..I saw they are coming out with a nightmare mode for the War machine zone but my question is how often are they bringing out Operations? With the upcoming patch bringing out an extreme mode (good stuff) big of a gap is it normally between raids. 6 Months? 1 Year?

Second question. Which DPS class is considered one of the easiest to play. My play-style is about usually hitting abilities as they come off cool-down. I don't prefer classes that have to add stacks to a boss before you use a "spending" action. So not looking for a combo system...more of a I have "mana" I use mana kinda dps class. If that makes sense? I don't like to manage 5 Dots and 4 debuffs to maximize DPS. (debuffs are fine as long as I can just use it off cooldown in my rotation). Hope that makes sense.

I also might play a tank and curious which tank is considered best currently in War machine. I have a ranged Vanguard tank thats around 40 but nothing I am super committed too. How are they for raiding atm?

My wife normally likes to heal...which healer is needed/wanted for raids atm ...and which is considered decent at solo/duo offensive content.

We dont plan to PVP and don't care if we are light or dark!

Last question. Anything we should focus on as we level up? Any must buys off the store? Plan to take this game serious for the next year or so while get a grasp on everything! Thanks

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10.13.2018 , 04:53 PM | #2
Any chance anyone could touch on my questions. Been trying to do some research and learned that Snipers/lightning Sorc and Commandos seem to have an easy rotation but not sure if those are my only options? Im the type that likes to level once..not 3 times to figure things out because I'll lose interest if did all that work and ended up not liking my character. Wanted to get started this weekend with the grind.

Also with the addition of Nightmare mode coming there gear difference in the modes? I read somewhere that its harder and all you get is an achievement for doing upgrades in gear? Was that incorrect?

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10.13.2018 , 07:57 PM | #3
I can't really speak on the HM OP's, but I can tell you that Bounty Hunter merc's are currently the best DPS classes in the game from what I hear. They're fairly easy to play as well. I've also heard lots of people say the Sith Inquisitor healers are great. Hopefully someone who does more endgame content than I do will come in and give you more details/advice. You might also try posting this in the general topics section, as some of those players post regularly over there.
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10.14.2018 , 04:29 AM | #4
As ImmortalLowlife said, Mercenary (specialised Bounty Hunter) and its Republic equivalent, Commando (Trooper) are easy rotations with strong DPS (not the strongest, because melee classes have slightly higher DPS when at 100% uptime, but they don't get 100% uptime because they are melee(1)). Select the Arsenal discipline for Merc or Gunnery for Commando.

Because they are direct mirrors, the gameplay is essentially identical between the two classes, so I'll describe a basic rotation for a level 70 Commando, assuming that you have taken the Forced March utility.
* Open with Boltstorm (B)
* Vortex Shot (VS)
* Grav Round (procced to instant-fire by VS) (GR)
* Boltstorm (procced to instantly cooldown by GR once per 8 seconds)
* Demolition Round (DR)
* High Impact Bolt (must be after GR) (HIB)
* then the rotation part:
* Fill with GR. It's your fill because it has no cooldown.
* Use B whenever it's available. Remember that it tends to become available early because of GR.
* Use HIB whenever it's available. GR puts a debuff on the target that enables HIB.
* Use DR on its cooldown.

HIB, DR, and VS are instant-cast and can be used on the move. B is channeled, and Forced March enables using it on the move. GR cannot be cast on the move unless it is in instant-cast mode because of VS. Use the basic attack (Hammer Shot) only in extremis, that is, when you are OOM or if it's time for a no-proc GR *and* you need to move.

Insert defensives, self-heals, and ammo (mana) management as needed.

Don't fuss about the debuff that's required for HIB to work. You'll be using GR so much that you'll get 100% up-time on the debuff without even trying.

(1) You can always shoot things or zap them with lightning or throw rocks at them unless they are really far away, but you can only hit things with a glowstick if you are right next to them.
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10.14.2018 , 09:35 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Tricare View Post
Any must buys off the store? ... Thanks
The cash store ("Cartel Coins") is almost entirely cosmetic; you can buy xp boosts and things like 'skip to top level', but the only real stat-affecting stuff as far as I know is weapon crystals, and you can buy their equal easy & cheap with in-game currency (credits).
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10.14.2018 , 11:37 AM | #6
As for the gaps between operations, it depends. Before Gods From the Machine had been added it was 2 years between the last operations which had been aded with the SOR expansions. Gods also didn't released all bosses at once so I would expect any new operation to follow suit, what I mean by this is it took about a year to completely release all operation bosses for Gods from the Machine. So far however as far as Operation Content is concerned we know Master Mode, which is the game's hardest mode for content, is coming for Gods from the Machine ,a mode which had been previously cancelled, on patch 5.10 coming around December. PTS, Public Test Server, is already out for the new Mode for Gods from the machine if you want to check it out and give the Devs some feedback about it.
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keetrazor's Avatar

10.14.2018 , 01:35 PM | #7
Ok so I mainly am a tank. After seeing and trying a few different tanks, Immortal Juggernaut has to be my favorite. Not sure how it pans out in NM's as I don't run those, but that's my personal opinion.

GEARING: 5.10 new gear is coming out, and a full set is going to cost ~500mil total just due to mat costs, so I would start saving credits now.

Hope this helps in some way
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10.14.2018 , 04:28 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Tricare View Post
Which DPS class is considered one of the easiest to play.
Smuggler - Gunslinger. Most fun, if not easiest. (IMO,ofc)
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10.14.2018 , 06:14 PM | #9
Thanks for all the feedback! So been testing rotations on the boosted characters (can delete without using token) and I like the rotation of commando but I don't like the idea of not having a tank offspec. my question is about the Jugg DPS spec. The rotation doesnt seem to bad but I can't find any guides with dps rotations ect. Also can anyone give me an idea where they fair in dps for current content? I like the idea of having a Tank offspec that I can go to for easier queuing and just versatility.

Lastly, Vanguard/Power tech dps specs. How are they? Thinking about going the route also (going to test right after this) and are they wanted in raids?

The_Unknown's Avatar

10.17.2018 , 07:46 AM | #10
If you want to go with an off tank spec, I would recommend either a jugg/guardian or a shadow/assassin. Unfortunately right now a vanguard/powertech DPS are close to the bottom of the pack regarding DPS output
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