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Can we talk about Amplifiers?

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Can we talk about Amplifiers?

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08.16.2019 , 07:16 PM | #1
Holy ****.

This system is insane.

So, I figured I'd do a quick write-up here to help PTS peoples test this system out.

Testing Amplifiers

So to access Amps, buy a new piece of gear (since Amps aren't functional on gear bought prior to this week's patch), then you should see them when you go to modify the gear. You will see Amps located under each modification. So the Shell, Armouring, Mod and Enhancement all have an Amp.

EDIT: Amps are also located implants, earpiece and relics. However, you can only see them via the augment table.

Note, the tooltips can be buggy. If you notice an Amp not showing the correct tooltip, close the Field Modification and Recalibrate windows and open them again and it should show the correct tooltips. So every time you recalibrate an Amp, you have to exit out of the Recalibrate window and go back in for it to load the correct tooltips.

Changing Amps + Costs

You can change the Amp by recalibrating it. All you have to do is click on the Amp to open the Recalibrate window. Then click on the Recalibrate button and you typically get a choice between two new Amps (sometimes it's mean and only gives you one). To change the Amp to a new one just click update next to the new AMp you like and it will change the Amp on your Mod to the new one!

You can recalibrate an Amp as many times as you like, but the cost goes up each time you do.

Recalibration Starting Cost = 20,000 Credits

The cost to recalibrate a mod goes up incrementally by roughly 1000 credits to start with then gradually goes up when you hit 100,000 Credits the increment is around 5000 credits. When you get up to 200,000 Credits the increment is around 8,000 Credits.

Things to know

- Different types of Amps will only show up on certain modifications. For example, the Life Stealing Amp is only on Enhancements.
- The Amp is attached to the Modification. So if you get a really good Amp on an enhancement, for example, you can just move it around to any shell you like since mods are BoL.
- The percentage that shows up next to the Amp is entirely random (RNG within RNG, yay! ). The highest I've seen so far is 5% and the lowest I've seen is 0.10%.

At this stage I haven't really done any testing to see if they work or anything, I've just been trying to figure the different types since there are soooooo many!


Edit: Here's a pic of the UI for reference

Once I have a good list of the variety of Amps, I'll do a proper write-up on my website.

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08.16.2019 , 09:53 PM | #2
Thanks for the post

I was playing around with buying (adaptive vendor and general mod vendors), crafting leveling stuff, and opened some crates. Green and blue enhancements did have amps on them as well as blue mods and earpieces. (all the way down to level 8) Stuff from crates has to be claimed for the amps to populate.

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08.16.2019 , 11:07 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Krazhez View Post
Thanks for the post

I was playing around with buying (adaptive vendor and general mod vendors), crafting leveling stuff, and opened some crates. Green and blue enhancements did have amps on them as well as blue mods and earpieces. (all the way down to level 8) Stuff from crates has to be claimed for the amps to populate.
Ahh, thanks for that must have been bugged for me haha.

Updated the OP.
Xam Xam Mercenary BodyguardXam Xam Xami Commando Combat Medic
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Website: - Onslaught - Game Update 6.0 Gearing Guide - 6.0 Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing Guide - 6.0 Class Guides | Twitter: @Rach_Games
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08.17.2019 , 12:55 AM | #4
I would strongly suggest Bioware put a Warning on that RECALIBRATE button. Every time you click it, money gets pulled from your account. Increasing each time. Whether you take the new Amplifier or not.

I racked up to about 4 million on an earpiece. There should be clear understanding on how this new feature works otherwise, oh boy, people are gonna be mad cause there are no refunds.
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08.17.2019 , 01:41 AM | #5
Made a quick list of the amps i see and their effects , please correct me if I made errors


  • Reinforced Armor : reduces dmg taken from weapon attacks
  • Aural Resistance : take less aoe dmg
  • Periodic Defense : armor against dots
  • Tech Aegis : defense against tech attacks
  • Force protection :well, protection against force XD
  • Fortuitous redoubt: absorb shield when you parry dodge or reflect
  • En garde :reduce dmg taken on first attack out of combat
  • Shield reflection:

  • Force harmonization : more force healing
  • medtech: more tech healing
  • residual Revovery : direct heals leaves an HOT on the target
  • Overward: overhealing gives an absorb shield on the person healed
  • Aural rejuvenation : more AOE heal
  • Readied Healing: increase healing of your first direct heal out of combat
  • Periodic healing : increase periodic healing

  • armor pen : kinetic or energy dmg ignore a portion enemy's armor
  • Periodic Intensity : increase dmg by periodic effects
  • Aural Command : do more AOE dmg
  • force sentitivity : more force dmg
  • tech wizardry : more tech damage
  • First strike : more dmg dealt by your first attack out of combat
  • weapon expertise : more wp dmg


  • Durable Coating reduce durability lost on gear
  • Presence
  • Stim Longevity : stim last longer
  • Diplomacy /archeo /bio / gathering /treasure hunter/ UW trading ... expert : + success rate
  • Bargain haggling : repair cost less
  • Featherweight: reduce damge taken from falling
  • Frequent flyer : reduce cost traveling
  • influencal: comp gain more influence
  • power napping : more rest xp rate
  • Mount speed : increase mount speed


  • Life Stealing :heal the caster for a % of damage done
  • Kwikpacs (lol) : reduce the cooldown timer for health packs
  • Soothing Haste : your heal -gives movement speed boost
  • Hardiness : regenerate a small amount of Heal per second while stunned/ incapacited
  • Threat generation
  • Snaring crits : your crits slows
  • Heal Magnet : more healing received
  • Juiced Meds: increase the effects of health pack
  • Calming Companions: reduce threat of companions
  • towering companions : more threat of companions
  • Combat invigoration: health regen in combat
  • Critical mov : your crit give you mvt speed
  • Overkill: applied a % of dmg dealt beyond what is needing to kill an enemy to an nearby enemy!
  • stealth detection : improves SD
  • rolling heals : heal your caster when your periodic effect crit (dot?)
  • jailbreaking : lower the cooldown of your stun breaker
  • Strong legged : reduce slow on you
  • defensive healing : Hot on you when you use a defensive
  • selfish healing : you heal yourself for more

SHELLS (All pieces but weapons and tacticals):
  • Adventuring bounty - more creds and xp from quests
  • starship bounty (gsf) increases xp and reknown
  • flashpoint bounty
  • operation bounty
  • potent slicing/..crewksills critical rates, mission + critical rate ...
    EDIT: Legacy Experience (increases legacy experience from all sources)
    EDIT: Unlucky: "Sometimes youre just unlucky.Rumor has, being unlucky enough reveals a special reward" ???
    EDIT : Competitive Bounty : increase the reward gained from PVP
    EDIT: Resourceful :improve your gathering from resources nodes

Note than the Amplifier set from the General Set Vendor, as opposed to the normal sets one, have Combat-type amplifiers on their shells instead of more generic / crew skills related amplifiers like the normal sets.
there are the same as the "Armoring" Bonuses.

So the max of each we could get:
7 enhancements amps
12 shells amps
9 mods
9 armorings or barrels / hilt amps
(+ 7 extra armorings - style amps, with the amplified set)

Hard to say if the effects are active atm, i dont think so, I see no difference in starparse, etc ..
I look forward to test those, they look fun ! Some of them a really hard to get / rare, so these would be a pain $ wise
to collect
Although that system is ridiculously expensive. I when tru stacks of million creds rerolling for amps, at some point, its cheaper to just buy another mod and reroll it . Not to think that just moving mods in and out from gear cost 100K each time ... Well lets say im happy to test those for free instead of when Ill have to pay for them lol

A way to see the total sum of all those % for a quick glance would be useful too

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08.17.2019 , 09:40 AM | #6
Good thread. Garbage mechanic.
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08.17.2019 , 10:10 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Restoman View Post
Good thread. Garbage mechanic.
So far this is my opinion too... I have been looking for information on these things. This thread is validating my fear that they're either pointless and a waste of effort, or something that could be substantial and should be considered when they balance content.

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08.17.2019 , 10:16 AM | #8
I think we really need an in depth introduction from the devs to how the amplifiers are supposed to work. I mean do we even know if two amps of the same type stack? If they dont stack then most of the Amplifiers will be useless on certain classes and you wont see any difference between having amps or not.
And if they stack you will be able to achieve some serious numbers which are nuts.

For Example lets say I play a Pyro PT (Discipline Dmg is about 90% Techdmg) and without any Amplifiers I do 20k DPS (just an example number, dont know if possible) on the Dummy and Credits are not an issue for me at all.
I use 7 Pieces of the General Set Shells where I gain +5% Dmg when I guard a Player and I roll all Amps to +1.5% Tech Dmg (Tech Wizardry).

Then I have 9 Armorings/Barrel where I also roll all Amps to +1.5% Tech Dmg.

(7+9) x 1.5% = +24% Tech Dmg

24% x 0.9 (Discipline Dmg is about 90% Techdmg) = +21.6% Damage

21.6% + 5% (4 Piece Guard a Player Setbonus) = +26.6% Damage

20 000 DPS (with no Amps) x 1.266 = 25 320 DPS (with Amps)

This is a huge difference in Damage. And when you take into account that the Amplifiers are not factored in when they balance the encounters then all high end content will be a pushover for a full optimized player.

And we havent even utilized the Amplifiers from the Enhancements yet. What I think will be used by most DPS players is the Life Steal Amplifier. They even go as high as 5% Life Steal per Enhancement. This whould mean:

7 x 5% = 35% of all Damage done is returned as healing?

25 320 DPS x 0.35 = 8 862 HPS (this cant be real?)

If you have a raidgroup where all DPS are geared into Life Steal then you will for the most encounters not need a 2nd Healer anymore.

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08.17.2019 , 10:22 AM | #9
I do agree there should be a warning for recalibration cost, with a toggle off for people that don't want or need it.
I also feel like modifications should not be 100k to pull. The recalibration system and moving mods to a new shell when you get a better set bonus is already going to be credit sinking enough.
And maybe give us 3 or 4 options on rerolling instead of just two?
Possibly a credit cap on max recal cost?

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08.17.2019 , 10:36 AM | #10
Bioware please don't this amplifier thing is a complete nonsense for both pve and pvp.