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Legacy Bank Items not merging or missing

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Legacy Bank Items not merging or missing
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11.09.2017 , 03:32 PM | #51
No need to take precautions they said. Everything will be fine they said. 7.5 hours of extended maintenance to get everything right, they said.
Now I can't access half my stuff.
But hey, don't worry! You may get it back NEXT WEEK.

A hotfix should be a top priority.

If the CM market disappeared, they'd hotfix that!

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11.09.2017 , 03:34 PM | #52
Yeah, same here with my Jedi Covenant and Ebon Hawk legacy storage banks. They are not showing up with those from Shadowlands.

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11.09.2017 , 03:39 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Adric_the_Red View Post
More than one of my Legacy holds is "missing". Specifically, I am missing everything from two legacies (Begeron Colony and Bastion) that should have gotten "merged" with the stuff from Harbinger, on Satele Shan. And as best I can tell, everything from Jung Ma, and possibly some stuff from Jedi Covenant, failed to get "merged" with the contents of my Ebon Hawk bank on Star Forge. So not one, but at least three, possibly four banks, fully or partially missing.

On Star Forge, it looks like most of the items from my Ebon Hawk legacy bank are present in the "new" legacy bank, and some (but only "some") stuff from one other legacy. Oddly enough, it looks like a couple of the "empty" tabs from Ebon Hawk got "replaced" with "occupied" tabs from one of the other legacies in the "new" legacy bank..

So, Tab 1 and Tab 2 each have 26 slots filled. Tab 3 has 8 filled, and Tab 4 has exactly one slot filled. All of which are arranged just as they were pre-merger. Tab 5 and Tab 6 appear to have the contents of Tab 1 and Tab 2 from my Jedi Covenant legacy bank, likewise arranged as they were pre-merger. Everything from my Jung Ma vault seems to be gone.

Nothing got "merged". Multiple stacks of the same item from different servers are still multiple stacks of the same items, just now on different tabs, instead of different servers. Only 110 of 480 total slots are occupied. Literally hundreds of empty slots that could easily accept all the stacks of items from all three servers, even if no stacks got combined.

Somewhat different situation on Satele Shan server.

I have all the stuff from my Harbinger legacy still in my "new" legacy bank on Satele Shan, including the 100+ empty slots I had open, scattered throughout all 6 tabs. I figured that would be more than enough space for my stuff from Begeren Colony and Bastion, especially since most of what I had on those was crafting mats, which should have simply gotten added to the stacks I already had. But it looiks like not one thing got moved over from those servers. Based on what seems to have happened with my legacy vault on Star Forge, it seems this is because I didn't have any tabs that were completely empty and thus available to be "overwritten" by tabs from the other legacy vaults.

All of which seems rather odd. I can't believe you expected folks to remove and/or rearrange stuff in their legacy banks on every server, so that no legacy bank had items in more than one tab, so that those "occupied" tabs could be directly copied over "empty" tabs in the "new" legacy vaults. Especially since you said that all the banks would be combined, we didn't need to do anything with our Legacy banks, and if there wasn't enough space in the "new" legacy bank, extra items would go into an "overflow" and be easily retrievable.

My stuff is all there, I just can't see it, you say? We'll get it all back with a patch next week? Not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, is it 'safe" to use the empty slots in our legacy storage now, rearrage items, combine stacks, etc., or should we just not touch anything in our legacy banks until the patch next week, lest it mess up things even further? I'm inclined toward the latter option at this point.
Pretty much all this, on both new combined servers.

It isn't an isolated occurrence. The only players not having problems didn't have legacy banks competing with other servers during the merge, or emptied them all before hand.

If this was a known issue (and it had to be) the dev team should have informed players to empty out their legacy banks at least a week before hand, and it should have been posted as a notice when players launched the game.

This merge should have simply added extra legacy tabs to the legacy bank as needed and froze adding new items back into the extra legacy tabs until all the extra legacy tabs were emptied out, and then the emptied tabs would be removed from the banks as needed.

Why this wasn't done is unfathomable before this merge happened, and it would have saved unnecessary grief on the part of your ACTIVE players who were effected MASSIVELY by this HUGE oversight.

Almost all of my most expensive items were in my legacy bank tabs, such as crystals, dyes, flairs, mounts, comps, armors, weapons and tunings. So now nearly ALL (except ONE semi merged legacy tab) of those missing items from multiple legacy banks on other combined servers is completely inaccessible to me, for an unknown amount of time, when this had to be a SERIOUS known issue with this in the first place.

xuegui's Avatar

11.09.2017 , 03:52 PM | #54
Bang up job testing this before putting it live. This is a big one too. No point in saying anything further about it. We wouldn't be here if they were interested in addressing issues/concerns with the game instead of trying to milk us like Banthas.

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11.09.2017 , 04:18 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by ShakaeYerbouti View Post
It isn't an isolated occurrence. The only players not having problems didn't have legacy banks competing with other servers during the merge, or emptied them all before hand.
Exactly. As of yet, I haven't seen a single post or heard from a single person ingame that they can actually see the legacy overflow or any item from a second (or third) legacy bank. "Only a few people experiencing it" just results from only a few people having legacy banks on different servers that they didn't clean out before, it seems.

Nevertheless, I can wait until next week, as long as the legacy overflow works correct then and I can access all items (preferably without having to pull them out of a dozens mails then^^). Just make sure this time everything goes alright guys.
And great work on the server merges all in all. That seems to be the only major problem, and it should just be a temporary one. Thanks to the whole team.

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11.09.2017 , 04:19 PM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

The team has worked out what is going on. For starters, you do not need to panic, all of your items are actually there, you just can't see them currently. The issue was if a player had a Legacy Cargo Hold on more than one server, one of them could now appear missing. This only happened in rare instances, which is why not everyone was experiencing it. We will have a fix for this in a patch next week.

We apologize for any frustration this has caused, we’ll get you fixed as soon as possible. More updates to come.

Lord Ptach has been satisfied by our sacrifices this week
May my invisible stuff stay safely in limbo and return with the patch.
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11.09.2017 , 04:31 PM | #57
ROFL -- "rare". They are clueless to what is happening. Or pulling one of those Iraqi Information Minister stunts.

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11.09.2017 , 05:05 PM | #58
Quote: Originally Posted by ceciltaru View Post
its good to hear that it will be fixed next week, but what about until then?

what if i start crafting using those mats in my legacy hold? is that going to screw up your stuff?

2) as for the Legacy itself, I did get the name my 3rd weakest legacy among the 5 leading to Star Forge. What gives ?

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11.09.2017 , 05:32 PM | #59
Very poor implementation and communication about this issue. It took 24 hours to get this patch going, which is fine and better safe than sorry ofc. How this gets past them and not even fix this today or tomorrow is pretty lame. So we have items that are missing or invisible that we have no clue will be there next week or get messed up adding to the banks. Rare armor, dyes, weapons, cartel items paid with real money...this definitely deserves a hot fix before the weekend.

And to those white knights about to get on my case about this, as I said earlier in my rant...they had 24 hours of maintenance to find this problem, and i'm sure a lot of testing since the announcement. They literally told us a week(?) ago we do not need to take ANY precautions in regards to mail, legacy banks, etc. like a normal server transfer. I don't know about you guys, when the lead producer assures me that we won't have to do this...I tend to take his word for it. I guess playing this game for 5 years, I should have learned my lesson in that regard. Oh well.

Star Forge

ShakaeYerbouti's Avatar

11.09.2017 , 06:06 PM | #60
Just to clarify a bit from my other post.

Satele Shan: Harbinger legacy bank active, and it merged ONE legacy bank tab/page from Begeron Colony into ONE characters inventory and sent 3 mails for the rest of that ONE tab, but still missing 3 full pages from Begeron Colony, and from Bastion 3 or 4 partially filled pages are missing.

Star Forge: Jung Ma legacy bank active, and NO legacy bank tabs/pages were transferred from Ebon Hawk which had 4 full pages all missing, or Jedi Covenant which had 4 partially filled pages, all missing.

Some players said customer service could help with this. But if it means getting hundreds of mails between the 2 servers, that would be a time consuming nightmare just to resort it all, and then have to send it off by hundreds of mails to multiple other characters for storage.