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still depressing

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01.09.2019 , 01:00 PM | #1
As you already know, i returned from a break, after leaving in April 2018.
Ranked is still depressing.
Still, have no idea how to get top gear, a lot of ranked veterans are gone, replaced with even more toxic players.
It is sad, that apart from interface changes, not much changed.

I am going to ask another stupid questoin, but Musco posted that there will be major updates on how ranked and pvp works, has any of it been implemented? I can't seem to find this Musco's post about the changes, to get my head around it.

Also, have any of the following classes been buffed/nerfed since April 2018?

Sniper eng/mm
Concealment Oper?
Assassin - Deception
Merc - Arsenal?
On my deception sin, it seems it is taking longer to kill someone

I also haven't seen much of TaS guild on Malgus, what becomes of it and its famous fat blogger? Is he still there??
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01.11.2019 , 06:19 PM | #2
Sniper eng/mm -- If you know what you're doing you're basicly immortal due to too many DCD's.
Concealment Oper -- Good survivability if you know when to engage and disengage fight, you can't facetank a 2+ enemies.
Assassin - Deception -- very good damage and force management, lacks survivability. Same as Operative, if you stay in the middle of the fight you'll die very fast, you're not a jugg/mara.
Merc - Arsenal -- extremelly broken. Good damage and burst and the strongest DCD's that i've seen since swtor Beta test. Maybe Mara/Sent broken level when Undying Rage/GBTF had 45sec cd.
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01.11.2019 , 07:42 PM | #3
just to clarify.

snipers go down hard in 2+ vs combat.

a merc goes down in 3+ vs... which is disgusting but realistic.

deception sin took a nerf to their dps when maul became forward facing, because its like a 10% dmg nerf from front dmg... and unless your foe is stuned, its not reliable to back stab only. a good con can run circles around 2 average players with cds on cd, but 2+ players who know how to play can root them easy
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01.14.2019 , 01:39 AM | #4
Post 5.10 you obtain top end gear by trading UCs for Masterwork Data crystals. ( MDC)
These are also available 1 per week for 2 WB kills on Ossus.
There is also a 1 MDC reward for a random weekly activity. PVP, HM fps and GSF have been the weekly themes so far - tho' the GSF wasn't rewarding won matches currently.

IT costs 2 MWDCs for a 252 piece these can be traded up for 258 pieces with additional MDCs - either 4 or 5 depending on piece. ( no set bonus on mixed-rating gears)

You can skip the 252 purchase by doing 10 pve dailies a week. - and praying to RNG you don't get a duplicate or something you didn't want.

Most 525 gear and 258 gear has a lot of accuracy, so min/maxing for pvp could be a pain.

Or you could raid for your gear. Some groups have cleared the MM Op. But I believe it's not possible to PuG unless you're in a pretty tight pug group.

And you can craft, but you'll need 100s of Matter Transubstantiators and Raid-drop only mats - Which are tradeable, but I haven't seen any on GTN for weeks.

Sry to be the bearer of bad news if you wanted BiS. But most payers still seem to be in 248 gear and below anyways in regs. - Dummo about Ranked. - since the weekly went to 50 points, mat farming is dead.

PvP is pretty much a crapshoot most of the time nowadays. the days of taking it seriously are pretty much over.
-Storm Cutter.
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