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Tanks and 6-7k aoe crits this is ridiculous!!!

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Tanks and 6-7k aoe crits this is ridiculous!!!

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02.15.2012 , 08:38 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Jagerinho View Post
heavy armour =/= tank.

end thread.
This. Heavy armor in this game means nothing more then medium armor. "Tank" spec is pretty much worthless in PvP except in situations against the right people. So "Tanks" are specing into DPS making them "DPS". I am a jugg that has tank spec, but I'm in full dps gear. A sorc that I play regularly with laughed that he had almost the same HP as me. I do > 2.5K a couple times a game. Even if you got hit with 5-7K, hit a healthpack and then the tank can't do enough damage to kill you within the next 45 seconds.

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02.15.2012 , 08:41 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexdaphnis View Post
Lets not kid yourself its still in heavy armour , shield , still has cool defensive abilities...if you think is normal to do 7 k aoe dmg as dps tank pls show me dmg of real dps classes that do this kind of dmg , every real dps classes trade dps for lower armour no shield etc...
few points

- Heavy armor / shield helps against other "tank classes" and snipers. Thats about it
even in tank spec it is not encouraged to buy any pvp tank gear, including the shield
(maybe some argument about the shield)

- cool defensive abilities? LOL. any jugg who can do big smash crits has 1. saber ward
2. ????? health pot i guess? Mauraders and sorcs EASILY have better defensive abilities. and probably lots of other classes as well

- you keep saying 7k is normal? the guy with ove 600 exp. just said he has NEVER seen one. And it takes a lot of pvp to get to 600 exp. and he said even 6k looks to be impossible with the best gear currently available? looks like this thread is about a week late

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02.15.2012 , 08:41 AM | #33
Uh I don't think you can spec out enough in Vengeance and Rage to still have enough points to specialize in shield.

Unspecialized shield is sorta, eh, I mean its going to occasionally absorb blaster fire or a saber hit but its not doing anything in regards to tech/force damage.

I find it somewhat interesting that people think Tanks can actually stay alive under focused Tech/Force fire to pull this off in any manner that is consistently dominating....cause tanks can't.

Every character I have at 50 is a tank, I'm nicely geared in Champ/Columi on them and you get me in a Project crossfire and I'm pretty much shredded lettuce PDQ. Add in some grav round spam with that and I'm a stain on the ground.

Now maybe tanks can be all ROFLSMASHROFLSMASH in a situation where they're dealing with a bunch of ungeared bads, but tanks spend most of their time getting focus fired by just about everyone in warzones or on Ilum, trying to actually get inside a group to Smash out AOE hits that actually do a lot of damage simply trades your life to not kill a bunch of people but almost kill them.

On Ilum thats not very effective unless you have someone behind you ready to throw down a hard hitting AOE to clean up the mess. And in Ilum lag you're lucky if you survive long enough to get Smash off anyways.

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02.15.2012 , 08:44 AM | #34
I have optimal gear (BM + Rakata Belt/Bracers/Weapon + Matrix Cube + I've taken out all the enhancements/mods to optimize power surge) and I have NEVER hit 7k. NEVER. Relics + adrenal.

The most I can do is something like 6k, and thats with adrenal/relic on. Otherwise its 5k on a non-geared light armor, and on a guy with full centurion its probably more like 4k. ON a guy with heavy armor I hit 3k.

I do this every 18 seconds. The rest of the time I'm basically interrupting or taunting while building up rage and using my setup moves again, none of which do that much damage.

In addition, countless times the FIVE METER aoe misses everything because I get knocked back during the long *** animation/they move out of the way, and I have to not only wait for the cooldown for smash, I again have to wait for the cooldown for force exhaust which is 18 seconds to do my one "big" damage move.

Oh, I have 15k hp.

Troll more plz.

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02.15.2012 , 08:45 AM | #35
OP is a classic example of someone that most likely just got destroyed and Smashed in a Warzone and now runs to the PvP forums to whine about it.

Learn your facts before QQing please. A Rage/Focus specced player is NOT a "tank" by any means. They are actually very easy to kill if you focus them, especially if you're a Powertech/Vanguard, Sage/Sorc, Merc/Commando.

And they don't have "cool" or "amazing" defensive CDs by any means. They only have Endure Pain, which is a glorified Medpac that increases our HP by 30% and has a 1m 30s CD, and Saber Ward, which reduces Tech/Force damage by 25% and increases deflection by 50% and has a 3m CD. That's it. Compare these two defensive CDs to Sentinels/Marauders (who also have Saber Ward so its really only Endure Pain) and its a joke of a comparison. In fact, I'd argue Juggernauts/Guardians easily have the WORSE defensive CDs in the game compared to other classes.

You're also grossly exaggerating how effective Heavy Armor is. As others have already said, it doesn't mitigate nearly as much damage as you think.

TL;DR: Stop whining and learn the cues as to when a Juggernaut/Guardian is building his Smash/Sweep charges and learn how to dodge/prevent it.

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02.15.2012 , 08:49 AM | #36
Soresu form, the form that makes us a tank, increases our armor by 60%.

While not in this form, we are only mildly less squishy than a medium armor wearer.

The Juggernauts/Guardians doing 5k AoE crits are in our default form, which is only 3% to damage and 3% less damage taken.

In other words, a Juggernaut not in Soresu form is not a tank, and a Juggernaut doing a 5k AoE crit is not in Soresu form.

Hence, tanks are not doing 5k AoE crits.

At the end of days the dragon stands tall and with limitless rage it illuminates all.

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02.15.2012 , 08:51 AM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by copasetic View Post
In fact, I'd argue Juggernauts/Guardians easily have the WORSE defensive CDs in the game compared to other classes.

Pretty much. Marauders have a 90% miss single target on 45s cd, a vanish, a 99% damage reduction shield, and saber ward.

Juggs have ... enure pain and saber ward. Sabre ward is good but 3 minute cooldown pretty much means it'll be active 1/3 of the time you really want to use it. Enure pain gives me like 4k more hp, and when it ends in a few seconds I basically take 4k damage. If I'm lucky I can use that extra time to get another rotation off, or best case run to some health. 2 defensive cooldowns, the good one on a 3 minute timer, the other one almost always useless but still on a 90 second timer. WOOO

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02.15.2012 , 08:54 AM | #38
I'm really beginning to wonder what class people think is balanced. Moving from nerf Operatives - Sorcerors - Mercenaries - Marauders - Juggernauts.... what class are people playing that is constantly getting rickrolled? It damn sure isn't Powertech! Is it just a bunch of no skill Assassins that are making the complaints? Maybe Snipers? What else is out there?

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02.15.2012 , 09:38 AM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexdaphnis View Post
Having heavy armour , shield , defensive abilties etc and they can crit for 6-7 k aoe is just absurd , what was in developers mind i have no clue and please stop with that moron argument that it needs 2 prerequisite many classes do this and dont get so high dmg and aoe included it ruins any kind of balance
So what? Reroll to a juggernaut. I did that too and enjoying my 16medals per game, 350-400k dmg and 120k protection. I never die cause im in heavy armor means enemy do about no dmg on me, but if im in trouble i still can use one of my shiny defensive cooldown from many. Im enjoying my 6-7k AOE crits 1shooting ppl and with relic, adrenal, expertise stacking it goes over 9000 sometimes. In top of that i have a constant nice dps between the 9sec CD on my big crit smash. In huttball i can jump around insta killing enemies and carry the ball with my pocket healer spamming AOE taunt on enemies. I hope BW wont touch my character as i enjoy playing it.