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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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08.12.2019 , 12:37 PM | #9661
Quote: Originally Posted by Euphrosyne View Post
I dunno. It was a queue-in-progress, so I didn't show up until the second boss.

I think there are a few problems with this approach.

Problem One: in my experience, if you LoS, the people you don't want to bother explaining the fight to - the people who are supposed to be coaxed into stacking by noticing the LoS - still don't usually stack. They spread out enough to delay the kills. That's better than being spread all across the courtyard, but it's suboptimal. We can do better.

Problem Two: even if you explain, "hey, let's just stack out in the open, it's faster" while auto-running toward the boss, people will argue with you. This is what frustrates me more than the loss of efficiency: the straight-up magical thinking that people engage in. They don't actually understand basic concepts like the difference between a melee and ranged enemy. They are simply taught one thing and cling to it unthinkingly. And other flashpoint players continue to facilitate this by insisting on ways of making fights less efficient in ways that avoid teaching the other players trivial mechanics.

When players aren't taught how to do things like stack for melee adds in earlier content like Legacy of the Rakata, they are bad at it in subsequent content, like Kil'Cik the Swarm Lord. It's embarrassing to be in groups that can't handle that fight because ranged and healers don't freaking stack the adds on the boss.
U can use legacy markers. Takes 1 GCD to put down, pretty hard to miss and avoids the complications of "i dont read chat/i dont have chat turned on/i dont speak english/i dont use my brain cells/etc." They work very well in my experience.

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08.12.2019 , 10:27 PM | #9662
Naked people :P
Once in a while, you get ppl that forgot their gear somewhere and don't realize it until somebody else point it out because they have a suspiciously low item rating :P

I once jumped into a flashpoint with my healer, realizing during the first pull ( a particularly healing-demanding one) that I forgot my weapon on another toon .... Because apparently, there is tons of healing abilities you cant use without a gun XD . People died, and I shamefully had to log off just to get my damn legacy weapon and come back oops :P

I also saw someone in a particularly non-smooth run of ec sm with only orange gear ... with no armoring, mods or enhancements in it ...

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08.14.2019 , 02:02 AM | #9663
Had a pretty weird run last night. Not sure the person was piss drunk or trolling.
MM Czerka Meltdown, PT tank, merc, jugg (me), sorc heal. all 70.
So as soon as we zoned in, the tank types out something gibberish and heal says, ah dw we are with you buddy.
merc types nah, we are gonna get so many wipes...
Tanks gives a smiley.
well... aside from 2nd boss we did pretty well. except when we stop, tank types out something weird and funny comment follows from merc and sorc. I ended up saying dude do you have a cat that is walking on your keyboard and he/she spammed the chat with cry emoji... damn... I should not have said that but it took us about ten minutes of wating b4 he/she calms down and proceed to final boss... I will remember this cat-person for a long time.
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Deys Legacy...
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08.14.2019 , 02:18 PM | #9664
So this is more of a "The great people..." post but weird one as well.

Umbara MM. PT tank, sniper, marauder (I think?) and me, merc healer. Everything starts normally, we clear all the adds. Then we get to the first boss... Tank goes into the room and immediately charges at the boss. One of the DD didn't get inside in time... So the other DD says "stuck it", I jump off, it will just take unnecessarily long with just one DD. It's better to start over. Then tank just literally quits the group. Like, what?

Okay. One of the DD doesn't feel like waiting for a new tank and leaves. I also leave, get a 4 minute lock for some reason, so I decide to go on an alt for now.

About an hour later, back on my merc, queued up - Copero MM with the same PT tank + 2 Sorc DD.. Okay. Hopefully, this tank isn't going to do anything stupid again. One can hope, right? We have no stealther, so we have to kill all adds, fine. We start clearing adds, tank is taking weird paths, trying to go for a "shortcut" but pulls all the usual mobs anyway. Then we get to that one spot where there are 2 groups of adds on small bridges. You need to be really careful to not aggro both. Our "I-like-to-charge-in" tank manages to run past the first group, aggroing them, but charges into the 2nd group! He doesn't even notice the first group, I guess. So, who do they go for? Yep, the poor me... So there I am, tanking like 7 or 8 adds while the tank just tunnel visions the other 2-3. No AoE taunt, nothing. I am standing like 4-5m away from him, using DCDs and healing but he is super busy with those 2 elite mobs, I guess. Then some more mobs run out of the corners for me, I die (could have lived a bit longer but mistimed kolto, didn't realize there are even more adds coming from behind my back).

I think you already know what happens next. Tank leaves the group. I tell him how "awesome" he is with his ragequits after his own mistakes. 2 minutes later I get a whisper "learn to heal, you trash pve scrub". Okay, so we have one of those here. The "superior" PvP player who is so "good" that he can't even hold aggro in "simple pve content for scrubs".

We requeue, sorc apologizes for not rezzing me in time as he came back to the game after 5 years break. Plus, has never done this flashpoint. I mean, he is doing really well in that case.

We get a jugg tank, a bit low geared, just 110k health but whatever. We proceed with the flashpoint. I decide to explain tactics for each boss as that sorc said he is new to this. So I am telling which adds to kill, where to stand, when to focus on burning the boss and so on.

These guys manage to execute the mechanics of 2nd boss literally perfectly! I barely even healed in the burn phase. Being ranged helps, I guess but tank also does a great job keeping most of the adds away from us. So, I ask them if they want to do bonus. I explain where to stand, tell how you can come back above the barrier with Force Speed (one of the sorcs falls off later but successfully manages to execute that and comes back).

These guys manage to one shot the damn bonus boss! WIth one person being completely new to this! What? The small droid was under CC like 75% of the time, just wow (it is a bit OP to have 3 Whirlwinds/Conc missile, hehe).

I don't think I have ever had a cleaner Copero MM clear (the rest of fp goes fast and easy as well) in my 20 + runs... Feels amazing when people follow instructions and don't do stupid crap.