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Cannot interact with NPCs

Admiral_Volshe's Avatar

08.22.2019 , 11:18 PM | #1
As of twenty or thirty minutes ago, I cannot interact with any NPC. I have relogged, changed planets, tried inside story and just generally...I canít talk to useless NPCs nor can I further quests, at all. I went from the Fleet to Alderaan and then, bam. This happened - and on every planet. I canít even talk to my companions inside the Alliance base, let alone talk to mission holding people such as Oggurobb, Sana-Rae or Lokin (the quests I was working on). I canít talk to people outside story instances either.

I submitted a ticket but does anyone have any advice?

DarkTergon's Avatar

08.23.2019 , 07:36 AM | #2
Any luck, has it been sorted? If not, let me know a couple of the NPC's names/locations , and I'll see if i have the same problem, just let me know, server and faction
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Mubrak's Avatar

08.23.2019 , 07:42 AM | #3
I had something like this happen when I draged items in the inventory (i.e. the item became the mouse cursor) and then was logged out due to inactivity or teleported somewhere else (fleet pass, flashpoints etc). The mouse is then stuck in the drag&drop mode until you move another item in inventory, or close and restart the game.
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