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Imp side decision

iosdg's Avatar

01.15.2021 , 04:13 PM | #1
Hey guys just a quick question. Iíve been exclusively playing Pub side for about a year now, but due to some guild expansions, Iím going back to imp side exclusively for a while and was wondering what I should make my ďmainĒ. On pub I have a healing smuggler as my main. By main I mean grinding best gear, doing trades, etc. It has an RP element to it I suppose lol. Anyways I have a couple characters at 65 ready to make the jump but canít decide on what is most fun to play as currently. I have these in mind. Mercenary as DPS or Heals, Marauder as DPS, Agent as Healer, or BH as tank. Eventually Iíll get most to 75 and have decent gear but ultimately only one of each role will have perfect gear/builds. And out of those three only one will be my go-to sooooo thoughts?

Antonitze's Avatar

01.28.2021 , 06:20 AM | #2
Well, you just named all 3 roles and quite a few various classes
So it is hard to give some sane advice.

Personally, I like diversity, so being you I would've gone merc if I wanted to heal, cuz you already have op/scoundrel healer. If you want to tank, then sure, go PT. As for DPS, annihilation maras are nice for raiding. It is totally up to you, man. Just play what you want, lol.

I really like imp side btw for it's more sexy visuals and audio (in some cases) effects
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