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The Hunting Lodge (BH Guild)

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The Hunting Lodge (BH Guild)

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07.22.2014 , 10:29 AM | #1
Kodora wrapped her shawl tighter around her face as the harsh desert winds of The Dune Sea blew up clouds of sand. Her mount, a reptilian sandy coloured Zeldrate, was much more at home in these conditions despite being from Balmorra and seemed to suffer not at all from hunting in the deserts of Tatooine.

Kodora had ranged ahead of the rest of the hunting party in pursuit of prey; the slower moving Dewbacks were tasked with bearing the carbonite freezes of the hunting party’s payload. Up ahead, in the twilight, Kodora spotted the tell-tale flicker of a campfire and decided to investigate; it could be merely sand people, but years of experience told her that anything camping in The Dune Sea was likely to have some sort of bounty on its head.

Kodora dismounted and clambered up the steep and slippery side of a dune and hunkered down for a better look. Looking at the campsite through her macrobinoculars, she could see a solitary human sitting by a fire upon a crate of what looked like a spice shipment. A smuggler. Bound to have a bounty on his head. Kodora shimmied back down the dune and activated her holo-device to let the rest of the hunting party know:

++ Ash, this is Kodora, I’ve spotted a lone smuggler and will engage. Make room for one more on those Dewbacks. ++

++ Nice one Kodora, looks like a fat pay day this month. You sure you don’t need help? My trigger finger’s itching. ++

++ Nah, just make sure those sand people don’t raid the caravan. ++

++ Aye aye ma’am. Oh and Kodora? ++

++ Yes? ++

++ May your quarry fall before you hunter. ++

What is The Hunting Lodge?

Centuries ago, hunting communities would build a fortified hunting lodge on the outskirts of forests and use it as a base of operations for their hunting raids. The hunting lodge would be a safe sanctuary for hunters to meet, hold feasts, quaff lots of alcohol, display trophies, boast of their hunting prowess and to share tips and tricks and the movements of prey.
The Hunting Lodge guild also meets these needs and is a mobile haven for bounty hunters from across the galaxy to gather and arrange hunting raids together (think guild ships….eventually).

We are a relaxed guild for all things bounty hunter on the TOFN server. We will be doing a bit of everything: RP-PVP-PVE. We have a guild bank with only one tab at the moment, which I’m in the process of trying to fill with useful things for bounty hunters. We also have guild repairs. I doubt that we will grow to be a huge guild, but rather a close-knit hunting party.

Who can join?

Any bounty hunter can join regardless of level, age, sub status etc. In order to participate in RP events, an appropriate name/gear would be required, but not for non-RP events. For example, a charcter called ßößã Fètt wearing a baby-doll pink slave girl outfit would be ok for our PVP/PVE events, but not appropriate for our RP events. Although there are no age restrictions, mature behaviour is expected and anybody found to be engaging in behaviour that brings disrepute to the guild will be dealt with appropriately. A certain level of activity is required, but I totally understand that some people have real life jobs, relationships, sometimes like to venture outside into the sunshine etc. so I do have a laid back approach to activity.

RP? You’re joking? TOFN is a PVP server:

Hey, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea and you won’t have to participate in the RP events if you don’t want to; we will be doing the usual plain PVE, PVP, helping each other in need sort of guild stuff too. In the other MMOs that I play, I usually play on RP-PVP servers as I like to occasionally hunt the opposing faction whilst in character. SWTOR has no RP-PVP server, but I still would like to do things like this occasionally and I hope there are others out there. I love bounty hunters and love the idea of a group of hunters having a mobile hunting lodge orbiting a planet whilst we hunt the Reps IC from time to time (our actual hunting lodge is elsewhere in the galaxy right now….waiting for guild ships).

We may also do some PVE events IC if enough members ask for it. Sick of doing a flashpoint where everybody yells at you to “skip”, but you’d actually just for once like to savour the story and immerse yourself? Well, we can do that too if enough members want to.

As I said, we will also be doing the usual guild non-RP PVP/PVE stuff too, so there will be something for all hunters. It will be light RP; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the ins and outs of all the lore etc.

About the GM:

I am from the UK and am 35 years old and have been playing RPG games both P&P and on the PC for just over 20 years. Yeah, I’m that old  . I have 2 level 55 bounty hunters on the TOFN server (a PT Pyro PVE and a Merc Ars PVP and am also levelling a PT tank). I’m not the most experienced or skilled bounty hunter in the world, but I do love them to bits…I love the way they use a battered old ship and wacky gadgets to take down mighty jedi etc. If you also get a small thrill every time you grapple a jedi towards you or when your jetpack kicks you up into the air whilst you rain death from above on to a group of melee in a WZ, then this may be the guild for you.

OK, how do I join?

You can contact me (Kodora) in game either by whisper or mail. You can either just join or have an IC interview and initiation. I play pretty much every day unless I’m too tired after work (very seldom, but I have been known to work hard sometimes). I look forward to hearing from you.



May your quarry fall before you hunter.

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07.23.2014 , 12:28 PM | #2
Jung'Ma is the RP-PvP server
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08.02.2014 , 05:32 AM | #3
I want to participate in your RP events, but im hired by the Deal with it, and cannot break the contract. Its ok for yaou?
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08.12.2014 , 10:31 PM | #4
That's really cool, TBH. I don't have time for any side projects atm but at some point I might just turn up at the hunting lodge and sit for a spell.
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08.13.2014 , 03:46 PM | #5
Im afraid TOFN isnt the most RP friendly server but if you can organise something and have fun doing it, then i wish you the best of luck!
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07.30.2015 , 02:30 PM | #6
Came across this thread wondering if it's still possible to join