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How powerful is Malgus?


11.01.2019 , 01:24 AM | #1
He comes across as very powerful in Onslaught, more powerful than ever

(spoilers ahead)

The Commander is probably the most powerful being in SWTOR right now especially if the commander is a force user, and when we fight Malgus he proves to be about our equal give or take. We face him with Tau Dair who is no doubt a very powerful Jedi and her apprentice Arn Peralun. If we are more powerful than Malgus it can't be by much or those 2 wouldn't be required. Perhaps they are just there to give us the edge, and the commander can actually beat Malgus 1v1 even with that being said the commander is by no means one shotting Darth Malgus in a duel

Once Malgus is down he even acknowledges the commander's power and the fact we were good enough to beat Valkorian/Vitiate.

I still don't believe the Commander is Vitiate's equal. We beat him in our mind, not in a straight up duel. A Jedi/SIth commander could be close in power to Vitiate, but it's hard to say. Malgus no doubt was always a beast though, and seems to have grown in power. Would love to hear your thoughts on this

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11.01.2019 , 04:41 AM | #2
Or the whole plot was about him putting himself in a situation, where he can sustain enough damage, that they remove the CYBORG Bomb from his chest, and he could get free from Acina leash .

The 'Commander' isn't on the same level as Valkorian, (Or Vaylin, Or Arcann...Maybe Senya) .

They were all overwhelming in the force . We...have been using cheap trick to get by..mostly.

Revan was stronger then us, and we had to gang up on him with the best fighters and we didn't even kill him.

Malgus is nowhere near revan level, nowhere near Valkorian level .

He is cunning, he has experience , but he isn't that powerful.

I think Malgus assume we took Valkorian in a fight. We didn't . We used a Window Vista Password to get him to go POUF!

He got upgrade since his death on Ilum Flashpoint . We were just done killing our 'Master' . (and in some stories , we didn't kill our master *cough* Sorc*Cough*)

But I don't think cybernetic would give him that much of an upgrade toward force powers . It may make him more resistant, more sponging to damage , but I never heard of Cybernetic enhancing Force powers .

Hell the more I see from him, the more I feel like he gonna pull a Sion on us . As in, he is clinging to the force, and if he let go..he will die naturally.

We (The Commander) may have grown stronger since Ilum, or we could've residue from Valkorian being inside our head . But the story say so..technicly..we have nothing to show that we are 'Stronger' lol .
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