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ROTHC Story with a full a group

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ROTHC Story with a full a group

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04.11.2013 , 10:07 PM | #1
Hello. This is my first time posting in these forums so hopefully I receive that warm welcome that all good internet folk give =D. On to the matter at hand. I recently completed ROTHC on the empire side and what a fantastic story that bioware has crafted. I do know for now we will not see any class content for a while and according to bioware this suppose to "The avengers" were the galaxy greatest heroes come together. So my question does the story change a bit when you have multiple people from different class? I know in a couple of flashpoints and planet story missions the NPCs refer to as you as group. In my play though on my warrior I was referred to as "The Emperor Wrath" on a regular base.

So say a SI and SW group together does Darth Marr in the Intro acknowledge that both the Emperor Wrath and a Dark council member are traveling together. How do the NPC act with more then one person in charge of the mission? I am just curious to know, and maybe see if it is worth to try and group up with people next time for a better story. I mean the Black Talon flashpoint had some small moments like when a IA states"There are non Sith here too you know" after the Sith officer greets the new Sith appreciates and that what I am looking for.