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Feedback: Master Mode Gods From The Machine

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Feedback: Master Mode Gods From The Machine
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10.17.2018 , 04:30 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Sabunn View Post
Yeah I have your feedback for you, disable crystals during testing
I agree, additionally, it would be great if people weren't in full 252/258 gear as well, but at the moment it looks like most groups are gearing up in 258 using the bugged dailies and daily reset on reputation.

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10.17.2018 , 04:36 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
I agree, additionally, it would be great if people weren't in full 252/258 gear as well, but at the moment it looks like most groups are gearing up in 258 using the bugged dailies and daily reset on reputation.
Agreed. Really sad that guilds are doing this for irrelevant first boss kills on pts instead of actually testing and giving relevant feedback for a better operation for us to enjoy on release.
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10.17.2018 , 07:04 PM | #13
I mean Matt's already stated to some groups that nightmare crystals aren't meant to be used in GFTM Master Mode and that should be addressed in the next patch. As far as groups abusing the dailies and maxing out 258 gear it's whatever. No one should be bragging about anything done on PTS and if it helps groups test more thoroughly and identify bugs then power to them. I would just say to those groups; please be mature and factor into your feedback regarding tuning the fact you've used crystals and potentially gear that won't be widely .available for some time when the operation goes live.
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10.17.2018 , 07:29 PM | #14
I agree with the opinion stated above. My post was half-humoristic and it has caused a pretty intense drama on certain swtor raiding discords and sisters meme stream, fun stuff.
We have tested Tyth both with and without crystals, hearing that the nerf patch is coming since our strategy alone seemed to be working we wanted to see how for we can go with crystals before nerf, which kinda almost simulates full 258 gear, but the execution and dps was the issue. Then we planned to optimize it without crystals. I will present my thoughts about the encounter so far either soon or after the patch. But apparently our opinion doesn't matter .
It is worth to note that 252 mainhand, offhand and relics with current design will be available right away when 5.10 launches and 258 belt and wrist after 2 hours of doing dailies (+252s from command crates) which is what people will actually go with into NiM Gods.
In general please, do not spam.
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10.18.2018 , 03:02 PM | #15
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10.18.2018 , 03:49 PM | #16
It's still ok because testing 258s against master mode is idea as it gives you a good look at the difference the gear will make on live.

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10.18.2018 , 05:10 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaizersan View Post
It's still ok because testing 258s against master mode is idea as it gives you a good look at the difference the gear will make on live.
you do realize people were supposed to test it with 248 first right? they were to implement 252/258 in later patches, Matt wanted to have data from all gear tiers.

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10.20.2018 , 05:23 AM | #18
Feedback/Bug-Report for Tyth MasterMode:

We encountered a bug which is reproducible.
If the Boss drops below 65% and you let it heal above 65% again you won't get any add-waves until the Boss is again under 65%. This makes it incredible easy to clear the room before the 2nd 8-add wave. We haven't tested it for longer than 35 seconds though, maybe at some point a backup-timer kicks in.

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10.20.2018 , 05:26 PM | #19
Feedback for Tyth MM:
Our setup for trying and killing it was 2 Assa-Tanks, 1 Merc-Heal, 1 Sorc-Heal, 2 PTs (AP), 2 Sniper (marksman)
Group's Gear Level was 249 (252MH+OH+Relics) with 240 Augments

Hey Matt,

after ~100 pulls without crystals (best try 31% after 6:45) and ~20 pulls with crystal (Tyth dead) I feel prepared enough to give you some feedback on the Boss.

First of all I have to say that I really enjoy the boss because of its randomness. It is very much to my enjoyment that you switched the main focus of the Boss from DPSing the Boss and handling the adds on the side in VM to DPSing the adds and handling the boss on the side in MM. I had a lot of fun developing the tactics we used to test this boss. Our tactics are really refined by now and we are certain that we use every option the Boss-design gives us to our utmost advantage.
Yet we only managed to kill Tyth with crystals which leads to the following points:

1) Boss-life
2) Add-life
3) Magma-Droid-spawns
4) Which adds spawn
5) Too low heal-requirement
6) Boss-movement behaviour
7) Bugs/Exploits

1) Boss-life:
We already heard from you that you want to decrease Tyth's HP by 7% and increase the enrage-timer to 07:15 minutes. But for me that doesn't go remotely far enough. As mentioned above I really enjoy this Boss being an "add-boss" so I wouldn't decrease the add's HP but rather Tyth's HP.
Looking at the raw numbers we killed Tyth with crystals at 06:44 minutes. We will lose roughly 16% damage (no crystals but full 252 gear) on the live server.
A good way would be to decrease Tyth's HP by at least 15% (9.7mil down to 8.25mil) and keep the enrage at 06:45min. I really dislike the idea of increasing the enrage-timer because it just unnecessarily stretches the encounter.

2) Add-life:
I would really like you to keep the add-life as it is. Maybe decrease Justice's life by ~10%.

3) Magma-Droid-spawns:
I really don't know why they have to spawn semi-randomly at the start of the encounter. Just assign fixed positions so we can put our juicy Orbital-Strike down before the pull ;-).

4) Which adds spawn:
I am torn on this point but the majority of my group would like to have a little less randomness in the fight. For example no one likes to see 2 Justice adds in the same wave. On the other hand everyone is cheerful when we have 2 Grace-adds in the same wave. I think it would be a nice compromise if every wave can only have 1 Lancer/Justice/Grace and rest Guardians.

5) Too low heal-requirement:
First to clarify: Tyth's damage output is fine once you reach higher stacks. The problem are the adds. We can easily off-tank 5 Guardians if we are not in the mood of killing them right now. I like the options this low damage gives me as a tactics-creator but it really shouldn't be a thing. Same goes for the Lancer's laser, it should hit like a truck - double the damage. I am fine with Justice's damage.

6) Boss-movement behaviour:
Where to begin... I don't think it's a secret to you that the engine is not the best when it comes to movement - to put it politely. But this Boss is something else.
The hitbox is very odd which sometimes makes it impossible to "push" the boss backwards, yet sometimes he reacts to your slightest movement and turns the 180° cleave into 3 adds left of the boss. Since I am no developer I can only tell you that the movement of the boss is horrible. You need to decrease or increase the hitbox by a large amount till these problems don't occur anymore. It's worse than Nefra and everyone who tanked her will probably know what I talk about.

7) Bugs/Exploits
Bugs we found so far:
As PT and Jugger you can jump at the boss after he kicks you off the platform which makes the new knockback obsolete.
Adds sometimes don't spawn on the correct timer.
Boss-aggro seems to reset sometimes with no explanation (we know the inversion mechanic and no it is not that).

Would love to get a reply to some of the points!

Have a nice day,

P.S.: Aivela&Esne's enrage-timer maybe should be doubled ;-).

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10.20.2018 , 05:38 PM | #20
/me signs Zwirnis funny juicy orbital post ^^

@Mat give this man a cookie!
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