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Feedback: Matchmaking Changes

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Feedback: Matchmaking Changes
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10.11.2018 , 03:27 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
[color=#f9d648]Hey folks,
[*]Matchmaking will always do its best to balance the amount of tanks and healers on each team. If there are 2 healers, each team will receive one if possible, the same is true of tanks.[*]In situations where there are an odd number of tanks / healers, matchmaking will do its best to place the combined number of tanks and healers evenly (example: there are 3 healers and 1 tank, matchmaking will attempt to make the teams 2 healers vs 1 tank 1 healer.)
This is not working well. I often fight in team with more heals or tank than an other, juste here an exemple : 1 tank + 2 heal in a team none in the other :
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10.12.2018 , 08:43 PM | #32
Can we please get this addressed too.
The match making isnít working properly and matches are more lopsided now than before.
One good person doesnít = 2 bad players.

It would be good if we had a better understanding of how the system works and what the priorities are when the system is trying to match make.
Then we could test it properly and give you real feed back to tell you if itís really working.

ie, teams of all 248 + 236 geared players vs all bolstered players with no Augments isnít taking gear into consideration.
Iíve yet to see one match that takes gear or class/spec or role (besides healer/tanks) into consideration.
ie teams of all ranged vs teams of all melee or all stealth isnít balance.

This needs attention as pvp isnít fun anymore and people have stopped playing as much or left the game over it.
Being the only good player on a team with a all noobs vs a team of average players isnít fun. One or Two good players canít carry 6-7 noobs against a whole team of average players. It doesnít matter how good you, that is an impossible situation.

It would be better to put a good player on both teams, half the average and half the noobs split across both teams equally. That is what we consider matchmaking. In my experience that isnít happening.
Premades are also messing up the matchmaking. Might I suggest limiting the premades to two man groups or only putting premades against premades, even if it makes them wait a little longer the same as tanks or healers do.