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Mission Ideas

dennishumer's Avatar

02.10.2018 , 12:26 PM | #1
So i just randomly thought about the potential missions in SWTOR and i think i got a couple good ideas.
1. First i thought of something like a prison mission if you don't know what i mean by that here's some backstory
You get captured during a mission and sent to prison or you are infiltrating a prison in order to get someone out of the prison.Than in the prison there could be fights by the inmates , maybe a prison riot or you could gather prisoners willing to cooperate in order to get out i just think there's really great potential to this idea
2.A mission where you could possibly convert to the Republic or the Galactic Empire and possibly even have to face some of the people you encountered in your story as well.
Anyway these are just some ideas i randomly thought of i doubt they'll be implemented into the game but here's hoping.