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Project Noble Focus major plot hole

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Project Noble Focus major plot hole

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11.15.2015 , 08:49 AM | #1
I was dissappointed that my Jedi didn't get to point out why the data collected by Senator Tudos and Colonel Hauer was completly useless.

They assumed a bunch of prisoners were a representative sample of the military prowess of a species.

Clearly, a ridiculous assumption. It would be like space aliens kidnapping the population of a maximum security prison from earth and drawing conclusions about how earth's military works --- a pretty stupid and clearly racist assumption.

To make matters worse actually using the data collected in this manner would be worse than knowing nothing about an enemy and trying to learn about their behaviour on the battle field.

Even if the prisoners were war prisoners their behaviour would not reflect that of military units with the backing of a command structure and the use if their familiar equipment.

I would have loved to have had an opportunity to really make these two idiots see how badly they screwed up and to have them realize that if they hadn't been stopped they would have been responsible for even more needless republic deaths.
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