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Felix Iresso vs Doc romance

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Felix Iresso vs Doc romance

Aridea's Avatar

11.13.2015 , 03:07 PM | #41
I love Doc to bits. I think its my favorite romance out of all base classes.
I know a lot of people find him creepy because of his womanizer attitude and the fact that he cant take 'no' for an answer. But that pretty much was what sold me on a romance. He is so persistent that you can do the entire romance with only one Dark side hit and only at the end when he proposes. The rest of the time you just dance around the issue never fully responding to his flirts but never saying definite no. Plus I found the romance hilarious, it made me laugh the most out of all of the romances.

Iresso is just... too sweet, and a bit on the boring side.

Katahn's Avatar

11.13.2015 , 04:04 PM | #42
"If you don't mind romancing your apprentice 4 times"

Technically LS Sith Warriors could romance Vette. Otherwise, yeah...

I so wanted to romance Scourge on my femknight, and Pierce for my femwarr should have been a fully-fleshed out romance instead of a one-nighter.

All that pales to the poor male inquisitors though. Their romance option is a companion that arguably should have just been struck down the instant she refused to become a Sith. I mean yeah maybe a LS inquisitor would see past that, but for a dark or even a grey one? Seems a bit implausible to me.

Getting back on topic though, Doc is a fun character and worth the time. He's definitely modeled after "Hawkeye" from M*A*S*H and is delightful. Of course my femknight shot him down about the whole marriage thing - she's still holding a candle for Scourge.
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