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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

sycamoreleaf's Avatar

12.10.2017 , 04:41 PM | #101
Shoutout to the little group of first timers that had so much faith in that one level 38 dots assassin to pull them through legacy of the rakata on darth malgus. I am not sure how we managed to one-shot the thing but there we were. Hope you had a good time!

Haooll's Avatar

12.13.2017 , 05:07 AM | #102
Gotta mention the group I was with this morning ... 3 level 70 sentinels (2 in 230 1 in 241 gear) ... Depths of Manaan vet fp ... me as heals (lvl 70 240-ish gear) ... "oh great ... 3 instat-leap squishies to heal" ...

boy was I wrong ... all 3 did everything near perfect ... 1 death during Ortuno's flow (started running out about half a second too late and out of range of my extricate/force yank skill).

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Debilatorrex's Avatar

01.21.2018 , 12:16 PM | #103
Was doing HM FPS imp side for the weekly and I dunno how but I must have clicked Copero too somehow and also got it. The tank was awesome! The other dps left right at start saying he wont bother with it, but the tank calmed us down that first boss is doable with companion, even 2 ppl 2 companions.

He was on assassin and stealthed to boss so we jumped off and spawned at boss saving lots of time. He summoned his companion, explained tactics that he will aggro everything and we just burn boss. He managed his companion well and also used those heroic abilities for max dps. He kept aggro on waves and waves of adds without us killing any of them. In the end we had a zillion adds but killed boss and all disappeared! Me and healer didnt even get a scratch was great.

2nd boss, we still didnt get a dps so he said we should try. He explained it all so was good to know what to expect an to do. He also kept on saying instructions in chat during encounter. We wiped 1 time in the end where the hell breaks out caused he said he has issues with managing companion, but on 3rd try we got it. Luckily for bonus boss we got a dps.

Bonus was ONE SHOTTED!! I couldnt believe it cause I heard people skipping this and that it requires coordiantion on interrupts and so on. The tank simply did all the work. He pulled 1 add and pushed all 3 adds off, he did all interrupts on the droid and kept aggro on Walker, simply amazing!

Last boss was no big issue, but I died in end in that circle but was fine, we had it, so on my first run of that FPS we did 2 bosses with a companion and killed bonus boss. It was all thanks to that tank (name was Ray... something) and he seemed to be farming it for the 25x achievements. Thanks to his effort the dps just dpsed the boss without having to worry about anything (ofc staying out of circles) so it was really nice given its a hard FPS. This shows how a good tank can carry the group.

JediAkemi's Avatar

02.01.2018 , 11:37 AM | #104
Had a nice team today for Czerka Core Meltdown HM.
Juggernaut tank (returning player, had never even seen the Czerka FPs before), Marauder & Mercenary dps, and me on my Operative healer.
We all pitched in to explain the boss fights and the run was smooth as silk. It's so good to find other people who look out for first-timers

Euphrosyne's Avatar

02.08.2018 , 01:42 AM | #105
Had an enjoyable group in MM BH just now. PT tank, Lightning Sorc dps, and (a somewhat weak) Op heals, along with me, Veng Jugg dps. Everybody but me was in less-than-stellar gear, so some of the other group members were a bit worried about being able to clear it at the start. So I started doing pep talks, being Positive In Chat, and playing the Very Experienced Gamer. I exhaustively explained all of the fights, especially the boss fights, and all the little tricks to keep in mind, especially with a view toward making life easier on the healer. We wiped several times on Jos and Valk (but cleared them on our 'last pull', as usual) and it took some of the group awhile to internalize the mechanics on Torch, but after about an hour we managed to clear it. Apparently it was the first time for some of them, and people seemed very happy. So that was cool.
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evasilievna's Avatar

02.17.2018 , 04:39 AM | #106
.. a mercenary named Crezz, because of him we finished a Czerka fp without dying at every boss - he dps-ed and also healed a bit.
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Sundown's Avatar

03.14.2018 , 03:48 AM | #107
Twice in a row in Veteran Traitor among the Chiss at first boss in group consisting of at least 2 low level melees I had (two different) great Mandos that killed the boss as last men standing with more than 40% on the boss to start with.

Was great watching it, kudos for well placed dcds and usage of koltos!

bluehufsa's Avatar

04.04.2018 , 01:08 PM | #108
This shadow i've met today in a few fps, Andre Consular from a Czech guild. Dude, if you read this, you're friggin' awesome!
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Euphrosyne's Avatar

04.07.2018 , 08:23 AM | #109
Ran MM Rakata with a healer and tank who'd never done it before. They asked questions and followed directions, and they knew how to play their classes, so we one-shot every fight and had a good time doing it. Excellent group.
Euphrosynē (n., Greek) - "mirth, merriment"

juliushorst's Avatar

06.03.2018 , 12:02 AM | #110
Copero vet, first boss (the droid). It's second or third try, the boss is in its 80s and I'm (lvl 70 sorc) left on the battlefield with lvl 70 sniper and with my combad rez on cd. At first I placed myself near the cliff to have a chance to avoid repair bill if the sniper get down first but soon I realized the boss went down to 70%, adds were under control and we both had decent amount of health.
Seeing how well it's going I started to be more careful about my dcds and offheals and some time later the boss went down... so, a big shoutout to the sniper (and the rest of the team for not screaming at us for doing it so logn )
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