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Spec and Gear for Solo Play

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12.01.2017 , 01:25 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by sharpfangjr View Post
I just thought of another question. Which stats should I focus on while leveling/soloing?

As a tank you will generally run def/shield/absorb for pve. Honestly when levelling the stuff you get via drop should be fine. Seeing as I have been doing sm operations on my level 50-something jugg in the DvL levelling gear with no mods. You don't have that I'm assuming (it gives a exp bonus from an event).

If you want to stay geared while levelling you can grab a gese set off the adaptive gear vendor on fleet and then buy mods and enhancements off the various vendors depending on your level.

If you go full tank my style is basically warding b mods (low set/ high endurance) with the low def/high shield or absorb/high endurance enhancements (bastion/bulwark i think?) For the shield/absorb balance I simply try to keep them close to each other. Especially going with the b mods, def will be more than high enough anyway. Alternatively you can drop the warding b mods in favor of the lethal b mods for power rather than def. This gives greater dps (and thus, more importantly, threat generation). I stick with warding because I don't have an aggro issue.

For levelling/PvP you can run a skank set. This drops the defensive stats altogether in favor of using dps ones. My PvP skank set runs lethal b mods with high endurance dps enhancements. Keep in mind as a tank, you get accuracy from your stance so you have no need to run it here. As for the crit alacrity balance I'm horrible and just let my buddy the guild healer/crafter decide. This gives more damage but will put pressure on your healers in pve content. For PvP however, in my experience all the def/shield/absorb don't do much (or anything) anyway.

I've thrown lots of info your way, and I'm no theory crafter so fundamentally this is what I do, not what might be ideal. Do note with either gearing method you want a shield in your offhand. The question is whether it has tank or dps mods and enhancements.

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12.02.2017 , 10:26 AM | #12
I should try to find a good guild. That would be very helpful.