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Subs pay to play so why...

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11.15.2019 , 08:13 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
Yes it's annoying, but as the servers are in the US, it goes on US time, so unfortunatly anyone not in sync, loses out. Can't be helped.
Pretty much this.
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11.16.2019 , 06:49 AM | #12
From business we did all updates after work hours the day updates was done.
BW/EA should take evaluation of where the traffics is lowest, even if BW/EA employee needs to work at night.
Updates does always happens in evening/night time. Unless crises, needed fix in real time.
And from what I have seen on the forums the European servers is the most active.

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11.16.2019 , 12:58 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Pretty much this.
Pretty much *not* that. The European servers are in Ireland. The problem is two-fold:
* Because any player anywhere can switch around to any server anywhere, all servers must update at the same time.(1)
* BioWare's offices are in the US, and they obviously prefer to do server maintenance (with or without patches) during their office hours, which does sort of make sense.

(1) Yes, that means that maintenance-only down-time(2) could be phased, apart from the second point.

(2) GW1 and GW2 don't have server down-time.

Shortly (usually ten minutes or so) before they ship a patch, an in-game warning goes up that a build is coming. When they ship it, a different warning goes up, giving you a couple of hours to log out.

When you log out, the launcher takes over and patches the game, and then you can go in on the new version.

During those couple of hours, some people will be patched and playing on new-version server instances, and others will be unpatched, and therefore playing on old-version server instances.

When the couple of hours runs out, everyone still playing on an old-version server instance is booted out and the launcher patches the client, as above.

They can and do ship emergency patches whenever they are necessary rather than waiting for a Tuesday or Thursday.

For maintenance, they just mark a server instance as unavailable, and as players move from one map to another, the instance depopulates and eventually is empty, at which point it shuts down.
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11.16.2019 , 04:28 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
The European servers are in Ireland. (I play from France with only 32 ms server ping. No way my packets are getting to America and back in only 32ms.)

The problem isn't the location of the servers, but the location of BioWare's offices, and the need to update all the servers at the same time.
oops,, your right, i meant the

Also, the way GW2 does it sounds so much better
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11.16.2019 , 04:43 PM | #15
one way I could see them avoiding this issue would be the following:
  1. Disable Server Transfers for 24 hours before and after a new patch is released.
  2. Release the patch for US servers early morning as normal.
  3. Release the patch for EU servers late at night at midnight / 1am Central Time.

This would make both sides happy as they would get the patch pushed out during each zone's off time and prevent issues with character transfers by disabling it for 24 hours before and after a patch. After would be there just in case an emergency patch needs to be pushed out to fix something.
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