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People Who are getting disconnected constantly READ THIS

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People Who are getting disconnected constantly READ THIS

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10.04.2015 , 08:59 PM | #1
So the issue with lag and disconnects are almost all due in part to a company called Level3. Level3 is a large telecommunications company that carries a very large ammount of traffic on its backbones. For those who dont know, its like a street intersection for internet, your data goes form one to the next and so on and so forth until it reaches its destination ( bioware server ). Most peoples paths to the game servers take them through Level3's router almost right before you hit the game server. From my own troubleshooting and looking at everyone elses tracerts and paths, Level3 is the common denominator, and not just one of their routers but multiple. So I encourage everyone to do as i have done and bug level3 on their facebook page until they fix this. no one wants 100's of pissed off gamers writing on their wall everyday asking when they are going to fix their backbone. ive already received replies from the level3 staff but was told they had not received enough complaints to open a service ticket and things looked to be ok from where the "tech" was sitting. So people if youre tired of lagging and getting DCed... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! go to level3 facebook and let them know how you feel!