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Dps'ing in tank gear in flashpoints

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10.02.2019 , 10:19 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
Tank gear is obviously heavier on Defense than DPS gear (it's a tank stat), but 5.X level 70 tank gear is *light* on endurance. Non-letter Warding mods and Resistant armorings/hilts/barrels give significantly less endurance than the corresponding Lethal and Versatile ones for DPS/Heal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
That is not true. If they have the same rating, Resistive armorings have more endurance then Versatile armorings (but less Mastery) and Warding mods have identical endurance to Lethal (if it's the same number, like 54B vs 54B or 52 vs 52). What doesn't have endurance at all are tank relics, that's why we use DPS relics on tanks.
All this is entirely beside the point.
If OP is wearing off the rack tank gear, he has 0 power (not counting augs), 0 crit, 0 alacrity
Endurance is really not the issue.
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10.02.2019 , 02:10 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Sewerus View Post
So despite having 242 tank gear plus 252 weapon, i should get 230 dps gear if i want to dps ?
Yes. You were specifically talking about Flashpoints. In flashpoints you will be subject to bolster, which would, in theory, mean that even 230 DPS gear would work the same as 242/252 DPS gear. But bolster won't make up for the lack of critical, accuracy, power, and alacrity that you'd have with Tank gear.
Naturally, it would be more of an issue if you were doing high level non-bolstered content. But in Veteran Mode even 210 rating DPS gear would be better than 242/252 Tank gear.
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