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Dueling area on fleet. Come on already!

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Dueling area on fleet. Come on already!

VampGaze's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 10:35 PM | #1
Dueling Area on the Fleet.

This topic has been discussed at length and has not been put to rest for good reason. Dueling has been almost nonexistent in the game because you cannot duel where the majority of players are. Please bump this post to the top of the thread list as a petition if you would like to see something come of this suggestion. Thank you.

frennky's Avatar

04.11.2014 , 10:30 AM | #2
This would ease the pain of queues. At least we'll have something to do while we wait.

Make a deck just for duels, I'm sure all sorts of social events will spontaneously occur. All types of players would love this.

Zharik's Avatar

04.11.2014 , 10:44 AM | #3
I personally would rather people not fight on the station.

Just my opinion.
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04.11.2014 , 10:52 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Zharik View Post
I personally would rather people not fight on the station.

Just my opinion.
I am kind of in the same boat, but if they as anoter poster suggested put it on another deck that would be fine, I just would prefer to not deal with the inevitable trolls who would ensure to duel on the GTN kiosks and vendors just to be D0√¢hbags.

Or the *****hats who will follow people around on the fleet spamming duel requests.

frennky's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 03:06 PM | #5
There are already few auto-decline options, I'm sure they can put auto-decline duel if it's not already there.

But I do agree it shouldn't be allowed all over the fleet. It can be a deck on station or even on one of ships. Gav. for example would make sense, it already has training dummy and it's a staging ship for most ops. Dueling area can be sort of PVP training area.

avatarearth's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 09:26 PM | #6
yes yes please yes.