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Question about the Holotraverse nerf and Ruffians

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Question about the Holotraverse nerf and Ruffians

JLazarillo's Avatar

03.01.2019 , 09:23 PM | #1
So just a little thing I'm wondering about as a semi-recent returner. I was getting confused by the change to Holotraverse since I couldn't use it off the GCD, finally found the patch note and figgered it out. However, I'm now left with a rotation-related question:

My main is a Ruffian, and back before I lapsed, I'd been using Sleight of Foot for an extra Upper Hand, and fitting an extra Brutal Shots into the damage window created by Sanguinary Shot, since I could hit Holotraverse and Brutal Shots more or less at the same time. Giving it a GCD now, though (even a small one) seems to make my typical rotation take just long enough that I can't quite get my last Point-Blank Shot into the window.

Am I thus correct in assuming that Sleight of Foot is no longer worth the Utility point, since it's not like I was using it for much else? Or do I just need to git gud and improve my reflexes to fit it in?