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Lethality / Ruffian Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

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Lethality / Ruffian Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
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05.02.2019 , 02:13 AM | #21
Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions


Tactical Suggestions:
  • Toxic Blast only does all of its damage at the end of the
  • Increase duration of lethal strike buff by 3 seconds
  • Fatality proc’d Corrosive Assault is now a 3 second channel. 2x damage of base (1:1 damage scaling for time). Cannot be used while moving.

Set Bonus:
  • 2 set - Lethal V energy cost is reduced by 2
  • 4 set - Corrosive Grenade and Corrosive Dart have their duration increased by 3 seconds
  • 6 set - Toxic Blast resets the cooldown of Lethal Strike. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45s
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05.03.2019 , 03:35 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Solarmind View Post
1) Toxic Haze no longer requires a Tactical Advantage.

2) Replace Stim Boost effect with some sort of movement speed boosting effect, similar to the Force Speed.
I like the 1st one, also would be nice to be able to place it like concealment.

But #2 no no no plez no. Maybe you only PVP because in PVE that would be useless and a significant dps nerf.

Failure suggestions are nice for Lethality - if not a bit conservative. I'd remove the Fatality proc'd Corrosive Assault movement restriction, though, hindering movement on a melee class never feels right - too high a chance to force a break in cast to avoid boss rotations or whatever. If there's a reasonable explanation why this should be tho I'm all ears.

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05.19.2019 , 12:43 AM | #23
Please this.

Tactical item - Make Kolto Probes/Slow Release Medpacs usable while in stealth.

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05.20.2019 , 08:30 PM | #24
Tactical item - Lethal Strike - stacking slow, max 3 stack. Starts 25%->30%->35% Cooldown reduced 2 seconds.
First slow lasts 15 seconds, can be extended no more than 30 seconds.

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05.20.2019 , 08:46 PM | #25
Here's another one.

Tactical item - Countermeasures - "Drone Defense" - absorbs all CC for its' duration. Secondary effect breaks all stuns.

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05.26.2019 , 09:05 PM | #26
Tactical item - Kolto Probes - boosts dps by 3%, 6% after a two stack.

Tactical item - Diagnostic Scan - Becomes a toggle. Boosts dps by 10% with a 2% energy drain over time.

Tactical item - Evasion - Extends it by 3 seconds and reflects all CC for its' duration.

Tactical item - Cloaking Screen - Cooldown reset after using Raid buff.

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05.30.2019 , 05:26 PM | #27
Lethality damage FEELS bad now because of the changes to corrosive assault (making it like sniper) even though I'm sure the dps output is fine. Since I doubt you guys would rework it to how it used to be, I think focusing on quality of life would be very good for leth. It's a strong class with strong utilities but dps operative suffers this problem more than any other class in the game imo. Sometimes we spend more gcds on survivability than dmg

Here's a few suggestions for set bonuses, which pc # they are would be up to the devs.

- Exfiltrate applies Kolto Probe on yourself for free. 12s ICD.
(Frees up precious gcds for things like culling and reapplying dots)
- Lethal Strike hinders the target for 1s.
(Leth has very little in the way of control or anti healer utility and this could help out a little bit)
- Exfiltrate breaks rooting effects.
(Since leth has no immunity and roll is really only for getting a free KI and movement, this shouldn't be broken)
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05.31.2019 , 10:56 AM | #28
Difference between TI and SB: TA have influence on gameplay, they change abilities or playstyle. SB are in the background and support the spec in general without big influence on abilities or playstyle.

PvE oriented!

Set Boni:

2 - (Energy Management) Toxic Blast no longer costs energy ( > Without a fair amount of double DoT Ticks, Lethality's Energy management sucks. There's no way you dont run out of energy and everybody hates Rifle Shots. Without the cost of 10 energy on Toxic Blast the rotation becomes much smoother while still in need of using energy probe - not like 4.0 )

4 - (Utility) Holotraverse is now off global Cooldown ( > I know I know... you said it's because of the "fly and die" bug. But i bet everybody wants it back as an off GCD ability. Holotraverse is important for Operative's Movement, especially Lethality's without Immunities and other Movement Speed Abilities Concealment has or the range of a Healing Spec. At the moment you have to wait until your GCD is gone before u can move, feels *********** clunky and thats the job of exfiltrate.)

6 - (Damage and Defense) Dealing Damage with Corrosive Assault while under the effect of Augmented Toxins reduces the cooldown of Cloaking Screen by 3 seconds. ( > Cloaking Screen is important for Lethality's rotation. Not only because of the damage buff and the Tactical Advantage Lethal Strike generates when in stealth, but also as a defensive tool - no more aggro from boss/adds, cleanse with utility point, movement speed with utility point)

There have to be two things on Lethality's Set Boni in my opinion: 1. Energy Regeneration/Management (because it's too random with the need of a fair amount of double DoT ticks and it feels clunky at the moment) 2. Defense/Utility (because Lethality is in desperate need of some Defensive or Utility Tools - compare it to other classes e.g. mercenary: 30m range, heavy armor, dmg reduction CD, Reflec and Heal CD, Heal CD, Tech Absorb CD, Rocket out, Hydraulics,... Operative: Shield Probe ~15k absorb + 6 sec of dmg reduction after this - long CD, Evasion only useful against M/R Damage, Exfiltrate/Holotraverse both on GCD)

Tactical Items:

(Single Target Damage) While under the effect of Augmented Toxins Corrosive Assault adds 1s to the runtime of active Corrosive Dart/Grenade on the target

(Single Target Damage) Allows Toxic Haze to consume Fatality. When consuming Fatality Toxic Haze appears as a DoT on the target instead of a circle on the ground. (effect: Corrosive Assault causes Toxic Haze to tick and deal damage, max 3x/Haze runtime is still 6s. Toxic Haze will deal way more damage than an corrosive assault, that's why you will use it single target. If it becomes too overpowered add: "[... to consume Fatality, but puts Toxic Haze on a 30s Cooldown. [...]")

(Multi Target Damage) Toxic Haze now also spreads Toxic Blast to the targets it damages, as long as it damages at least one target already affected by your Toxic Blast.

(Multi Target Damage) Hitting more than 2 targets with Noxious Knives causes a poisonious explosion dealing damage around the operative (10m radius, same as Noxious Knives but 360°), while under the effect of Augmented Toxins also reduces the Cooldown of Toxic Haze by 1s.

(Utility) Stim Boost resets the Cooldown of Holotraverse.

(Utility) The range of Overload shot is increased by 10m and it's energy cost is reduced by 5. (Sometimes an impactful damage ability with some range and without Cooldown would be great tho.)

also possible as utlity point!: (Defense) Activating Countermeasures now also increases damage reduction by 25% for 6s.

also possible as utlity point!: (Defense) Shield Probe renews itself and runtime when destroyed, this can happen three times per activation.

(Defense) Flash Bang is now off GCD and no longer needs a target, instead the operative bangs all targets around him (no effect on them, but allowing him to resist the next force/tech ability within 8s.

When something is unclear or you don't understand how this could help/influence gameplay/playstyle or anything else - please ASK ME!
Ray @Tulak Hord

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06.10.2019 , 02:03 AM | #29
Either of these suggestions would be for Toxic Blast or Lethal Strike, whichever the Devs find more appropriate:

TB or LS mark a target for 8 secs that duplicates 10% of the healing a target receives onto the Operative. Target just got a 10k heal? Op gets 1k (but target still gets 10k, not a heal siphon).

TB or LS mark a target for 8 secs that heals the Operative for 10% of the damage the target takes. Target just took 30k damage from you and your friends? You get healed 3k.

These two suggestions encourage a single target, focus fire playstyle (rather than a dot-everyone aoe fluff playstyle).

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06.13.2019 , 05:13 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirvington View Post
These two suggestions encourage a single target, focus fire playstyle (rather than a dot-everyone aoe fluff playstyle).
Why not having both? :P