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Returning PvP PT

Kintaroshi's Avatar

03.09.2018 , 11:17 AM | #1
Good morning everyone. I have recently returned to SWTOR to see how the game is holding up. I have not played in nearly a year and was curious how PT is holding up currently in PvP. When I took my break from the game the class became almost laughable. I am in hopes that we are at least able to be competitive.
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Ahavery's Avatar

03.13.2018 , 09:59 PM | #2
Welcome back! I think PT dps is still laughable, at least in regs and solo ranked. Not enough dcdís to survive long without a healer. Iíve seen one successful AP pt on a Granked team, though. Good news is tank spec does well with skank tank gear. Bad news is 5.9 will supposedly nerf skank tanking. I donít have dps gear yet, but iíve even been enjoying pt tank in full tank gear because it still does good damage imo.

Derzelaz's Avatar

03.20.2018 , 08:29 PM | #3
The only way to play PT right now in pvp is to go skank tank, or full tank when the nerfs come. There is absolutely no reason to go dps, it will just make you throw your monitor out the window.
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