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Why so squishy

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01.31.2018 , 07:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Bonzenaattori View Post
It's really hard for me to consider range an actual issue for Vanguard
Kiting inside a 10m window is easy, weaving inbetween 4m-10m is even easier, its just players dont want to apply their fundamentals... thats their problem

The issue regarding range is very simple.
It's all it ever needed, it's all that was ever required. Yet somehow they decided to complicate the situation by destroying everything good about it, so ranged classes can feel... ...i dont know
I hate the whole ranged dichotomy. The ranges should be 5m melee, 10m hybrid. 30m ranged... why mobs have a range of 5m and melees have a range of 4 I'll never know. I gave up caring about that a long time ago, don't feel like talking about mechanics like that.

Shatter Slug essentially should've been the long range variant of Stockstrike, but instead decided to give it a damage pool so embarrassing, that Explosive Surge (an ability that has no cd) rivals it's damage. Sigh
They have an issue with High impact bolt being long range, then I look at Whirling Blade for Guardian Vigilance, Low Slash from Shadow Infiltrator, Twin Saber Throw from Sentinels, Frag Grenade from Scoundrels, not to mention the new quick shot utility that GIVES an operative/scoundrel energy, from an ability that originally had a cost. I cant help but ask questions. Why aren't we allowed to have long range? It's one ability...

Simply put, Vanguard's aren't allowed to be fun, because they dont have the force
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