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Which Healing class is most like WoW Shaman?

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Which Healing class is most like WoW Shaman?

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01.18.2013 , 09:16 AM | #1
Was over at a friends (who plays WoW), and he was in the middle of a raid. He had to go take care of something, and told me to play for him (knowing I play SWTOR). He was a healing Shaman. I have never been a healer in this game, not thinking it would be very fun, but I have to say, this was really fun. I had a great time with that classes healing. So, my question is, which of the three healers is most like the WoW Shaman?

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01.18.2013 , 11:42 AM | #2
I don't really go near DPS or healing classes, but from experience of the sheep game - the shaman is the AoE type, correct?

If so, you may want to try a go at the Sorc/Sage paths. As the Commando and Agent (+mirrors) seem* to be more directed at 'direct' heals or one-time aoe's ... where as the Sorc and Sage can put down AoE's that all the group can walk into.
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01.18.2013 , 12:00 PM | #3
The WoW Shaman healer (I played one as my main for progression in 3 separate expansions for WoW) was defined by 4 major components (I'm not sure how many still remain in MoP, however): totems, Chain Heal, healing ability interaction (from Wrath on, iirc; might've been earlier but I didn't play tBC), and Healing Rain (I think that was Wrath as well, but it's been a while; it was the mainstay of Shammy healing in Cata though).

You're not going to find a class with anything like Chain Heal or totems, so the closest you'll get is a healer with healing ability interaction (Shammies used Riptide which made the various other heals more powerful in different ways) and Healing Rain (i.e. a giant puddle of amazing AoE healing people could stand in); as such, the class that's most like the Shammy healer is the Sage: Rejuvenate behaves almost exactly like Riptide (small instant heal with a moderate HoT that provides a short term buff that improves whatever heal is used after it) and Salvation is pretty much identical to Healing Rain (with the exception that Salvation will only ever hit 8 targets max rather than diluting the effect to cover additional targets like Healing Raid did/does).
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01.19.2013 , 12:56 PM | #4
Alright that's what I was thinking. Thanks for the info.