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Best solo PVE DPS class/advanced Class?

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Best solo PVE DPS class/advanced Class?

dftowl's Avatar

05.06.2015 , 02:44 PM | #11
Mercenary/Commando is also very good. Very high damage, terrific mobility, and the ability to self heal in addition to being heavily armored. The class really just chews through PvE content. Lastly, both Bounty Hunters and Troopers get their healing companions relatively early on, making things exponentially easier.
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Timorelle's Avatar

05.07.2015 , 03:01 PM | #12
One thing I forgot to mention about the Scoundrel/Operative (though others have mentioned it) is the stealth. Not just being able to stealth past anything you *know* you can't handle, but knowing that you have that insta-drop-combat-and-stealth if you need it (my Scoundrel's is Disappearing Act, I can't remember what the Operative's is called, but I still just think of it as "Vanish" due to that pesky other game, heh).

Having this has actually led me to solo far more than I realized I could. With any other class I look at a situation that might be dicey and go "Eehhhhng...... nah, not gonna risk it, don't feel like dying today". But on the Scoundrel I go "What the heck, let's try it; if things are going south I can always just go poof, no dying for me!" And so I often end up successfully soloing something difficult that I wouldn't have even attempted on another class purely due to the fear of death being largely taken off the table! ^_^

MSchuyler's Avatar

05.07.2015 , 06:39 PM | #13
I've played all 8 stories now, but not all advanced classes, though rep and imp do mirror each other. I have a bot of a harder time with melee classes, probably because I play with only one hand on a touchpad, but I have to say after taking all these guys to 55, that my two favorites are sniper and lightning sorcerer.

The sniper can just sit back and pot shot the world from a distance. Though lightning sorcerer was recently nerfed, it's still pretty bad-*** in its capabilities. I also have grown fond of anything that has stealth abilities, though I sometimes forget I have it!

But it strikes me that your class is not your problem. It may be your rotation and your style. One solution to that is to level yourself up a couple of notches so that you are running green missions, never orange. This gives you a leg up and may allow you extra practice until you can tackle yellow missions just fine. When I first was playing I could NEVER tackle a gold boss alone. It usually took me several tries to get the edge on one. I whined and cried about it and thought the game was too hard. Nowadays tackling a single gold is pretty easy if I can get him alone. And when I invoke Heroic Moment on a boss, it's usually overkill.

So bottom line is that there really is no best, but you may prefer one for awhile until you have leveled a few toons and gained some perspective.

ksfb's Avatar

03.11.2016 , 03:46 PM | #14
if you play a MMO game solo make your charater have a strong def and do a lot's of dames
in MMO games you have 3 types of classes 1.Dames 2.Tank and 3.Healer
cobine class 1 and 2 to get in my opinion is the best solo class
my englis writing isnt good

nanamaryjj's Avatar

03.13.2016 , 06:36 AM | #15
Everyone has their best and worst,
For me personally I find inquis once it gets its aoe to be my personal best dps
Where as sith warrior I find incredibly weak, sure it can survive longer but fights take longer.

I'd rather be a glass cannon than a hard shelled tortoise
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Eola's Avatar

03.14.2016 , 03:50 PM | #16
As of now the best solo class is level 30+ companion.

nanamaryjj's Avatar

03.14.2016 , 04:02 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Eola View Post
As of now the best solo class is level 30+ companion.
^^Quoted for truth
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sumquy's Avatar

03.15.2016 , 10:47 AM | #18
you don't say what spec you are running on your jugg, but most classes have a burst spec and a dot spec. the dot spec usually does better damage against long duration targets like operations bosses, but will definitely feel weaker against leveling mobs because they have a ramp up time before they reach full potential. before changing classes, try switching to a different spec, and see what that feels like. i learned to love the dot and other short stories.

JediQuaker's Avatar

03.15.2016 , 11:11 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by sumquy View Post
before changing classes, try switching to a different spec, and see what that feels like.
As you can see from the various posts in this thread, there is no "best" class. Everyone has their own favourite, and as the above quote points out, sometimes your opinion of a class can vary depending upon discipline.
Overall, unless you are specifically aiming for endgame content such as OPs, where there might be "best" classes (although I doubt that it really matters), it doesn't make much sense to me to play a class you may not like, simply because someone thinks it's "best".
I also find that playing a class that you like generally leads towards playing it better. For example, I have a much easier time playing my Gunslinger or DPS sage which I enjoy, as opposed to my BH, or other lesser characters, that I only play rarely (Mostly just to take them through the next chapter.)
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OutroBG's Avatar

03.15.2016 , 12:43 PM | #20
Well choose what you want stealth or not and mele or ranged.My main is a serenity shadow and im happy with him - Powertech AP/Vanguard Tactics shold be nice (i had a tank and its was good and easy).For self sustain go Sorc i preffer the Maddness Sorc but thats my preference (i do PvP mostly).My sugestion is go online and see some giudes and see what passives each spec has to decide what you might find the most fun.
If you don't have fun playing a spec or class no point of playing it - thats why i tried them all to see what i like and what i disslike.
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