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Best solo PVE DPS class/advanced Class?

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Best solo PVE DPS class/advanced Class?

Kereberus's Avatar

05.06.2015 , 11:08 AM | #1
I just finished up my first character to 50 (Sith Juggernaut) and felt weak most of the time. Even when keeping up with Mods and such and using commendation vendors I still had to heal after a fight with two silvers together and blow every CD not to die.

So I want my second character to be a much stronger solo class, and for that i ask the forums, what is the current strongest solo PVE DPS class? One that can preform content alone without an issue

LostInReverie's Avatar

05.06.2015 , 11:16 AM | #2
Well, you should be using your healing companion for extra survivability.

It sounds like you didn't have a great experience with a heavy armor DPS class like Jugg, so you might not like DPS Powertech/Vanguard, but I do feel like those choices are quite viable for solo PVE.

Your other option is to choose a stealth class. You can CC from stealth, stealth out of combat, etc. Very versatile, and you can usually bypass content you can't overcome by yourself. It's not impossible to solo many Heroic 4's with a stealther. So Imp side your choices would be Assassin or Operative, and Pub side Shadow and Scoundrel.
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05.06.2015 , 12:15 PM | #3
Personally my favorite class to solo on is Scoundrel/Operative. The CCs make soloing heroics a lot easier, they put out *loads* of damage, and have quite powerful off-heals as DPS. I run with a well-geared tank companion and can keep him up easily with my off-heals, and we kill stuff a lot faster than it can kill us.

JediQuaker's Avatar

05.06.2015 , 12:39 PM | #4
My favorite PvE class is Gunslinger. (I've ended up having 2 of them).

As was mentioned above, you should be using a properly outfitted companion, preferably a healer.
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05.06.2015 , 12:48 PM | #5
Currently I am using an Assassin. Being able to stealth through a lot is EPIC! plus who doesn't want to look cool with a saber staff!
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05.06.2015 , 01:09 PM | #6
Sage and scoundrel are good solo classes with excellent crowd control and good dps output. I would say telekinetics sage is the strongest solo-PvE spec I've played so far, but stealthing through trashmobs is sort of invaluable.

nafu's Avatar

05.06.2015 , 01:14 PM | #7
There is nothing like best and worst in classes in long term, there is what is fit for your playing style and what is not. All classes and disciplines are changing a lot so we can recommend something and you go for it , it can be nerfed next patch So it is better choosing a class that is fit for your own playing style and stick with it until you don't enjoy it anymore for whatever reason. Also you didn't mention what you want in details. You want a ranged DPS or melee DPS? You want a force user or tech user? You want a DPSer with lots of utilities that may help a group or you want a DPS only good for you? You want a stealther or a DPS with more direct approach?

You can see lots of people will recommend you everything in the game. But eventually you will see that there is no class who fights two hard opponents and doesn't need healing after fight. Even with a healing companion you can take a lot of damage and you can still need to pop your CD's and it is not a bad thing if you want to survive. Skills are there for you to use them not to be ashamed of using them. You seem like you want a Superman and there is none in game.
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05.06.2015 , 01:25 PM | #8
My experience is probably more limited than some. Three toons to 60. Yes, stealth plus a 60 second CC make it easier, and make solo Heroics more tractable at similar leveling. You can take one Elite out of mandatory fight, bypass trash, and skip cave egress fights (though all subs can pretty much do the latter with Quick Travel now). Ranged is easier than melee. A good AOE helps with the preponderance of trash mobs. I havenít used them, but Iíve been amazed how fast a gunslinger can clear trash in low-level FPís.

Out of the three Iíve played, ranked easiest to toughest: Serenity Shadow JC > Medicine Operative IA > Vigilance Guardian JK. Shadow has all the tools. Downside being that she was squishy, and didnít have the raw single target champion DPS that the Knight had.

But honestly, a lot of it is experience. Doing Shadow of Revan, I found my original JK to be the fastest, easiest, and most fun to play.

So based on my limited experience (and a fair amount of reading in choosing those toons and my next), Iíd say Serenity Shadow. But any is viable. Iíd pay more attention to how you like to play (ex: stealthing is slower, and effective use of CCís requires turning off some of your compís AOE abilities). And also what class story to experience.

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05.06.2015 , 01:45 PM | #9
You must've used Kira instead of T7 or a healer in order to have such problems. Hint: game is meant to be played with a Tank/Healer companion. All the other are time filler. Ok, MDPS comps are invaluable to a Healer, but still.

As for the best solo PVE DPS class? Sharpshooter Gunslinger/Marksmanship Sniper closely followed by TkT Sage/Ltng Sorc. Both have PHENOMENAL AoE damage mixed with beautiful single target dmg(more so on Sniper, but Sage can offheal see) and a rotation that actually teaches you how to single target/multi target. Send in your tank companion(which is no problem because all of these 4 ACs get a tank companion FIRST!)...profit!

As for the best melee DPS. I'd say it'd be Infiltration Shadow/Deception Assassin. Things just die SO FAST, it's BEAUTIFUL! You have forced stealth, a lot of defensive CDs, a tank...what more could you ask for?


The best RDPS class: Sharpshooter Gunslinger/Marksmanship Sniper
The best MDPS class: Infiltration Shadow/Deception Assassin

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05.06.2015 , 02:13 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Timorelle View Post
Personally my favorite class to solo on is Scoundrel/Operative. The CCs make soloing heroics a lot easier, they put out *loads* of damage, and have quite powerful off-heals as DPS. I run with a well-geared tank companion and can keep him up easily with my off-heals, and we kill stuff a lot faster than it can kill us.
This is the ultimate solo class as far as I am concerned. My companion tank has his 192 and I am similarly geared. I can get through just about anything I need to and stealth by what I cannot.
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