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Next two playable races

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10.12.2015 , 09:02 AM | #371
Bothan and Mon Calmari

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10.12.2015 , 09:15 AM | #372
Quote: Originally Posted by Juromaro View Post
I'm content with the races we already have, I'd rather have more appearance options for those.

More face structures
More Miraluka masks
More Cyborg options
More Hair options that doesn't look like a wookie took a dump on someone's head or lego hair.
More makeup options
More complexion choices
a Fix for Pureblood sith so if they are darkside they aren't Pale Pink(seriously that was stupid even in beta)
A fix so darkside corruption doesn't show on non-force sensitive classes(I know you can toggle it off, but still makes no sense).
All of the above. I don't really think we need any more races. All the other models in the game wouldn't work as they'd be too complicated, or they wouldn't be viable romances. Deveronians may be the exception, but they aren't really pretty. I don't know how a female would look.

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10.12.2015 , 09:16 AM | #373
I wouldn't mind see the Nautolan.

Kit Fisto's race IIRC.
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11.12.2015 , 02:14 PM | #374
Please make Nautolan a playable race. Has to be one of my favorite ever since I first saw Kit. But I think you should also focus on any lekku or headtails. Such as when a race with those wears a hood they come over the shoulder. Or make helmets designed for them. I've seen a BadA** Mando helm moddled for togruta.