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Next two playable races

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02.27.2013 , 05:06 PM | #281
My top choice is Rodian, they are human shaped, their heads aren't too strange, and they are already in the game. My question to Bioware is "Do rodians speak basic?" In Jedi Academy you can play as a rodian and you speak basic, but in SWTOR I have not seen any rodians that speak basic.
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02.27.2013 , 06:25 PM | #282
Playable Torgruta would be one of the few races I would actually pay extra money to be able to have.

I've also wanted to be able to make a Voss character ever since my first character went to Voss.
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03.05.2013 , 12:22 AM | #283
The species I would most want to play are the Nautolan followed by the Togruta. Both are seen frequently throughout the game already (Togruta even as a companion already!) I would really love to see more alien species enter the game seeing as right now Chiss are my favorite to play.

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03.05.2013 , 12:25 AM | #284
[What we need are Bothans! BOTHANS FOR ALL!

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03.05.2013 , 12:30 AM | #285

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05.01.2013 , 12:41 PM | #287
Togruta and Voss, with Togruta next please

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05.01.2013 , 04:10 PM | #288
Quote: Originally Posted by venomlash View Post
I predict Voss (neutral) and Cathar (Republic) as the next two playable species.
Voss really wouldn't work, though. The whole point of Voss is that you are an "outsider" to them. You have to earn their trust and respect. How screwy would it be if a Voss went to Voss and they were all "You are not Voss!"
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05.01.2013 , 04:16 PM | #289

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05.01.2013 , 04:54 PM | #290
Quote: Originally Posted by ScarletBlaze View Post
Hapans are humans...

Quote: Originally Posted by ScarletBlaze View Post
That would be fairly easy for bioware to accomplish, but aren't they an offshoot of humans...